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Dinosaur With Star-Like Head Named After David Bowie

While many dinosaurs have strong and ferocious names, the newly-discovered "star-lizard" was named in honour of the British rock image, David Bowie.

Prehistoric Era


Nodosaur Dinosaur ‘Mummy’ Unveiled With Skin And Guts Intact

We've all known dinosaurs exist because of fossil remains and bones extracted from the ground. However, scientists were able to discover a dinosaur remain that is fully intact, complete with its skin, armor, and guts.

Prehistoric Era


Check Out How These Stone Balls Are Used To Clean Up Meat Up To The Bone Marrow

Stone balls were used by prehistoric humans to tear up an animal's flesh up to their bone marrow.

Prehistoric Monkeys from Africa to South America


Prehistoric Monkeys Travelled From Africa To South America Using Rafts

Monkeys are known to be smart species close to humans, but did you know that they traveled from Africa to South America using rafts for almost 30 million years ago?

Amber Fossil


Scientists Discovered Mating Flies Trapped in Prehistoric Amber

Amber traces and fossils were first discovered in 2011 in Australia and New Zealand and one of its first amber-fossils showed two mating insects.

Fourth Pterosaur


Scientists Discover Fourth Pterosaur Species

Pterosaurs are one of the most known dinosaur species ever to have existed in this planet, and recently, the fourth pterosaur has been discovered in Africa.

Pterosaur Bones


New Species of A 'Flying' Reptile Is Discovered- READ HERE

Discovered in Africa, a newly found flying reptile species was found and is being studied by a team of scientists and researchers from University of Baylor. Read on below to know more about the findings.

Devonian Seafloor


Fish Fingers: Is This the Missing Piece in the Evolution of Man?

Could this so-called "fish fingers" be the missing puzzle piece of the evolution of man? Check here.

Smallest Dinosaur


The Smallest Ever Dinosaur Has Been Discovered, Its Size Will Surprise You!

Dinosaurs are known to be gigantic creatures, but do you know how small is the smallest dinosaur ever discovered? Read on below to know more.

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