30 Mesmerizing Facts About The Fan Favorite Mantis - Pom Klementieff That Every Fan Should Know


Pom Klementieff, who first started her acting career with a role in the French independent film "Après lui," recently gained world-wide recognition with her entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portraying the character of Mantis in the movies "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," and the "Avengers: Infinity War." Here are some unique facts about the French actress:

  1.  She will be reprising her role of Mantis in the upcoming MCU movie "Avengers: Endgame," scheduled for release on April 26, 2019, as well as the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" due to release in the year 2022.
  2.  She trained at the Cours Florent drama school in Paris at the age of 19 and was featured in movies like the 2009 "Loup" (2009), the 2011 "Sleepless Night" (2011) and the 2015 "Hacker's Game."
  3.  Just a few months in to the course, she reportedly won a theater competition and was awarded free classes for over two years with the school's top teachers.
  4.  For her role of Mantis in the 2017 movie "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," she is said to have provided her voice for the French version of the film also.
  5.  Pom Klementieff was born on May 3, 1986 in Quebec City, Canada to a French-Russian father and a Korean mother. Her father was actually working in Canada as a consul with the French government.
  6.  It was reported that her mother chose the name "Pom" because it is similar in pronunciation to the Korean words for both "spring" and "tiger."
  7.  Her father's job led to her family traveling extensively, living in Japan and the Ivory Coast, following their stay in Canada for just one year. The family finally settled in France.
  8.  She lost her father when she was just 5 years old, after suffering from cancer. Her mother was also suffering from schizophrenia and was unable to take care of the children.
  9.  She once said in an interview that she wants to be brave enough to learn more about the mental disorder, Schizophrenia, with her mother being a Schizophrenic, in an effort to understand her mother better and be positive about the condition.
  10.  Following this she and her siblings were raised by her paternal uncle and aunt, whom she described "like second father" to her and her siblings.
  11.  On her 18th birthday, her uncle passed away, and around seven years later, on her 25th birthday, her brother committed suicide.
  12.  He went to law school, after the death of her uncle, in an effort to please her aunt, but never felt an advocating career to be appealing.
  13.  Before making it big in her acting career, she tried her hand at various jobs and for a period of time, even worked as a waitress and saleswoman in France.
  14.  It was reported that in the early makeup tests for the role of Mantis, Klementieff was actually painted in full orange initially, just as seen on "The IMDb Show" in the year 2017.
  15.  Filmind for her first professional role of Emilie, the stepdaughter of the protagonist in the French movie "Après lui," is said to have taken just three days, in the year 2006.
  16.  During one particular scene, she was supposed to push someone down a set of stairs but fell down herself accidentally. The director Gaël Morel found that really good, and decided to keep that shot in the final film.
  17.  She was cast for the first time in a lead role of Nastazya in the 2009 movie "Loup," which was about a tribe of reindeer herders in the Siberian mountains.
  18.  In an effort to get into the role better, she used to stay in a camp, hours from the nearest village, during the shooting of the movie. It was reported that at her camp site, temperatures dropped well below zero.
  19.  She even befriended nomads who lived there near her camp, worked with real wolves, rode reindeer, and swam with a horse in a lake, to understand the character of Nastazya better.
  20.  She made her Hollywood debut with the 2013 movie "Oldboy," portraying the role of Haeng-Bok, the bodyguard of the antagonist. The movie was actually a remake of the South Korean film of the same name.
  21.  She, being a fan of the original movie, when got to known about the remake, started takinig boxing lessons after learning that the role of Haeng-Bok involved martial arts.
  22.  For the audition of the role, she reportedly showcased her boxing skills, following which Spike Lee, asked her to go home and come back wearing a more feminine outfit and make-up, like her character in the film.
  23.  It was reported that, Klementieff was the one who came up with the name Haeng-Bok, Korean for "happiness," when Lee asked her to research possible names for the character.
  24.  In preparation of her role, she trained three hours a day for two months, specifically for an on-screen fight with star Josh Brolin. She even contributed some of her clothes to the character's wardrobe.
  25.  She went on to train in taekwondo for the movie "Old Boy," which she reportedly continued even after the movie, and has earned a purple belt as of the summer of 2014.
  26.  Following the movie "Old Boy," she moved to Los Angeles and started pursuing more Hollywood auditions. Her next role was in the 2015 movie "Hacker's Game."
  27.  In the "Hacker's Game," she portrays the character of Losie, a hacker, and has been compared to Lisbeth Salander from the novel "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
  28.  She had to use her boxing skills, did her own make-up and chose her own wardrobe for her character of Losie, due to the movie's very low budget.
  29.  She first decided to dye her hair purple for the character of Losie, but was first objected by the directors. However, the directors were later convinced and allowed her to dye her hair purple.
  30.  She got her brother’s name tattooed on the inside of her left wrist, just before the second anniversary of his death. She once stated in an interview that she misses him a lot and has decided to live for herself and her brother.
  31.  Pom Klementieff Net Worth: $3 Million

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