100 Best Ways and Tips to Lose Weight Fast


The people that embark on a weight loss journey think that it is all about torching calories and melting pounds. However, weight loss is not a sprint that you do over a summer, only to slack it off in winters. It is a marathon, that requires planning, focus, and consistency. It is a lifestyle change, a promise to yourself that you will treat your body like a temple, a genuine effort in not just losing the calories, but keeping them off. Your weight loss will only be temporary if you are not in this for the long haul.

However, to keep ourselves motivated, we need to see results and we need to see it quick. Visible change in our body is the single most effective motivation that keeps us going. But fast weight loss does not mean doing it in an unhealthy way. We need to realize that obesity is not an inconvenience; it is a sickness. It is a clinical disorder that needs attention, just like any other medical condition. Excessive body fat around your vital organs can lead to serious diseases. But the good thing is, you can eliminate that risk completely by dropping the weight, albeit in a healthy way.

However, weight loss is not easy. In fact, if anything else, it is going to be very challenging and it will continue to remain unattainable until you realize that losing weight and maintaining it is a life long process. It is not about hitting the gym or choosing fad diets. It is about making a million small changes to your lifestyle and adopting healthy habits to make a significant, long-term change. Weight loss doesn't have to be about losing your mind. When you start making mindful changes to your routine, your body will reciprocate too. In this visible change lies the key to your future success.

Having said that, let us discuss 100 practical and quick ways to lose your weight.

1. Don't let hunger get to you

Feeling hungry between meals is natural but often times your body just confuses boredom with hunger. Cravings are also caused due to depression, stress or anxiety. So rather than munching on unhealthy snacks, find a non-food activity to take your mind off those pesky hunger pangs. Take a walk around the block, call a friend, take a shower, read a book, do some yoga, drink a glass of water, or do anything else that will distract you. Following this practice over a period of time will not only give you greater control over your cravings but also help you get more active.

2. Eat food as a source of nutrition

Many of us have a different relationship with food. Food is your body's building mechanism. However, some of us treat food as a pastime or even as a comfort zone. Food is not meant to be treated as a reward or a source of self-medication. We eat a balanced diet for nutrition and this is what it is meant to do! Whenever you are tempted to eat anything that doesn't add any value to your health and fitness goals, you must remind yourself why you shouldn't eat it.

3. Start with eating clean

You may have heard this a dozen times that we are what we eat. This statement should not only be your weight loss mantra but also something you should live by for the rest of your life. What you feed your body, it will give it back to you in equal measures. If your diet is made up salty snacks, junk food, and processed foods, then be prepared to feel tired, anxious and bloated all day long. You need to replace all the unhealthy foods in your pantry and refrigerator and fill it up with natural and healthier alternatives. You are unlikely to snack on something unhealthy if it isn't accessible.

4. Prep your meals

Even though meal prep work can take hours, it is definitely worth the time. When you have your meals already prepared, you will not be tempted to order out on days you feel lazy. Plan all your meals in advance. If you have a job, doing it for an entire week will save you a lot of trouble later and help you stay focused on your diet plan. In fact, when you plan things out, the probability of you eating balanced meals, complete with proper nutrition, is much higher.

5. Keep your snacks ready

Sometimes the cravings can really get to you. Don't forget that food addiction is as real as any other addiction. To avoid succumbing to a strong bout of cravings, you should always keep cut fruits and veggies in your refrigerator. The next time you have an uncontrollable urge to snack on to something, you can munch on cut fruits. Remove all the junk food from your refrigerator so that you have no other option but to reach out for healthy snacks. Ill-timed snacking is the biggest contributor to weight gain.

6. Clean up your pantry

This one might seem obvious to anyone who is planning to go on a diet. To have tempting foods in your pantry or your kitchen is the quickest way to lose your self-control. This is why it is necessary to throw away all the foods that do not contribute to your weight loss goal. If you are worried about discarding all the expensive foods, you can also consider donating it. Starting your healthy lifestyle with a kind gesture will help you stay positive about your commitment to a life of healthy eating. Needless to say, you will have a cleaner diet if you do not keep junk food in your home.

7. Plan your cheat meals

This one is almost as important as planning a healthy diet. When people are on diets, they often fail because they underestimate the power of cravings. However, weaving cheat meals into your plan give you that little window to look forward to. Promising yourself to eat clean for six days, only to pig-out on one day of the week will help you stay true to your diet for long rather than giving in to your appetite. In fact, tricking your body every once in a while with different foods can accelerate your weight loss. But the trick lies in knowing when to stop.

8. Limit your portion size

One of the major contributors to weight gain is overeating. Sometimes we don't know how much is too much. Even though our body signals us to stop, we continue to stuff our face with food because of its yummy taste. But the best way to signal your brain to stop is by giving it visual cues. Replace all the regular size plates with smaller ones to limit your portion size. This little trick can stimulate the brain into believing that you are full. Some psychologists also recommend eating in small blue plates that work as a visual appetite suppressant.

9. Increase your fiber intake

If you want to be on a weight loss fast track, then you need to replace all the fatty foods with the ones that provide the same amount of energy but with fewer calories. This is why fiber is your best friend. Fiber produces a hormone, leptin, that makes you feel full for longer. There are many sources of fiber such as broccoli, apples and flax seeds that are incredibly healthy and work wonders on your metabolism. Introducing these foods in your diet will certainly expedite that weight loss you have been working at.

10. Eat at least 5 meals in a day

Even though this seems counterintuitive, but eating 5 small meals a day will fire up that sluggish metabolism and help you torch those calories faster. It is very important to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two snacks in between each meal after every two-three hours. You need to first understand your body's caloric needs per day and then ration those calories per meal and snacks. Just make sure that your meals and snacks are healthy choices. Once you find the right balance in your diet plan, it will only be a matter time when you lose all those annoying pounds, naturally and in a healthy manner.

11. Never skip your meals

Many diets tell you to skip your meals or only eat/drink once or twice in a day if you want to lose weight quickly. Some diets are even as extreme as to suggest skipping food altogether. However, these diets are not only impractical but also unhealthy. Needless to say, you will drop the pounds when you eat less than your body's daily caloric requirement. However, you will also just as easily gain it back when you start eating regular food. This is why these diets are never the solution. Rather than skipping meals to lose weight, the healthier way is to eat after every 2-3 hours. This will keep your metabolism going without making you feel hungry.

12. Keep a food journal

Did you know that being accountable for everything you eat is the most mindful way of losing weight? When you can see in black and white how poorly you eat throughout the day, it will become easier for you to fix the problem areas. For someone who wants to lose weight quickly, keeping a track of every morsel you put in your mouth can make huge a difference. Keep a food journal or download an app in your smartphone to track all you eat. When you know that you have to face your food choices, it will make you more responsible towards what you eat.

13. Include more proteins and go low-carb

When you are trying to find that perfect mix for a low-cal diet, it is important to know that you need a generous amount of protein, good amount of fat and fewer carbs. Protein will keep you full for long and suppress the hormones that stimulate hunger, lower carbs will give you just the right amount of energy to keep you going without storing itself as fats and a small amount of fat will absorb all the nutrients from your meals and keep you energetic. Don't forget to add fiber to satiate your hunger and prevent bloating.

14. Consume more dairy

Eating more dairy can rev up your metabolism and help you lose some serious weight real fast. Include at least 3-4 portions of non-fat dairy in your meals every day. This will not only make up your body's need for calcium but also activate its internal mechanism that helps in torching the fat faster. Research suggests that up to 1200 mg per day divided into 3-4 servings is ideal for your body.

15. Look for smarter ways to snack

The toughest thing while dieting is to reach out for healthy snacks when you feel the hunger pangs. But smart snacking is the key to losing weight fast. If you can control your urge to eat that bag of salted chips when feeling starved, then half your battle is already won. Instead of eating something you will regret later, air pop a bag of popcorns or eat celery with peanut butter/hummus dip. These healthy snacks are quick to make and can be very filling. With the right amount of snacks within reach, you will be able to overcome your cravings most of the time.

16. Go easy on fruits

No doubt that fruits are an important source of fiber and can be a much better alternative to candies for people with sweet tooth. However, even with fruits, moderation is the key. Fruits are rich in natural sugars and can leave you hungrier than full. Rather than eating only fruits, mix it up with vegetables to keep its consumption moderate and still get its full benefits. Your fruit and vegetable salad can contain a sizeable portion of cucumbers, celery, carrots that you can toss with apples, oranges, papaya etc. This combination is not only filling but also tasty.

17. Don't drink your calories

Avoiding calories in food alone will not make the cut. You also have to cut down on artificially sweetened beverages such as soda, iced tea, packed juices etc. If you are a coffee person, try to drink it black without sugar and milk. You will not only get your dose of caffeine but also aid the weight loss process. It goes without saying that loading up your coffee with sugar and cream will not have any weight loss benefits. So skip the accouterments and stick with a shot of espresso.

18. Say no to food porn

Looking at all those delectably rich dishes can leave you feeling weak in the knees. Yes, that is what it is meant to do. Did you know that scientists have found a correlation between looking at food pictures and physical hunger? Researchers explain that when you feel hungry after watching food porn, it is only your brain salivating at the thought of these savory foods. When you look at all these culinary delights, your body starts secreting ghrelin, the hunger hormone that instigates you to eat even when you are not hungry. In fact, looking at food porn makes us eat more than we want to.

19. Savor each bite

When you are looking to get quick weight loss results, the first thing you need to do is have a healthy relationship with food. Sometimes, the food on our plates is over sooner than we are prepared to stop eating. This is what fuels overeating. Rather than finishing your food quickly and wanting more, prolong your time and savor each bite. Eat slowly and chew at least 30 times to break the food properly and extract full flavors of your meal. By making these small transitions, you will be able to witness the significant change in your eating habits.

20. Stop sneaking bites

When we are on a diet, we think that stealing small bites here and there will not cause any damage, it is after all just a small morsel. However, did you know that all the calories you snuck in quickly add up to sabotage your weight loss plan? When you want to lose weight fast, you need to be more disciplined and focus only on prescribed number of calories, not a thing more and not a thing less. what makes it worse is that you don't even count these sneaky bites in your food journal, making all these calories go unaccounted.

21. Stop being nervous about the weekends

Weekends, for dieters, are the scariest days of the week. But if you are able to control yourself for six days, then why should this day be any different. There are many ways you can be a step ahead of your cravings. If you are meeting friends for dinner, check out the menu at home beforehand and decide what you will order. This little step will prevent you from getting tempted to eat anything that will hurt your diet plan. Feel free to indulge but know your limits. Be confident and always remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place.

22. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is such a powerful tip to dissolve all those calories in the most effortless manner. Water is life and drinking plenty of it will not only keep you healthy but also slim. Sometimes when our body says we are hungry, we are only just thirsty. Drinking a glass of water before every meal alone will limit your calorie intake. When you drink 3-4 liters of water every day, you can not only suppress untimely hunger but also keep that metabolism fired up throughout the day. For added taste, you can throw in a wedge of lime and mint leaves to make a refreshing summer beverage.

23. Read the food labels

Food labels are a compulsion on each packaged item for a reason. You need to read the labels before you buy anything. Don't be swayed by "diet" foods just because the package says so. Read the labels and see what the food is made of. You should buy your foods after carefully studying the fat and sugar contents. Read the ingredient list carefully. Just so you know, the first item on that list is the highest content in the food's composition. So if you see processed grains, sugar or fat as the first item in the list, drop the container and move on to the next one.

24. Don't confuse healthy snacks with low calories

The biggest misconception about weight loss is that healthy foods can be eaten indiscriminately. However, did you know that a tablespoon of olive oil alone can set you back by 120 calories? Same is with avocado that contains about 145 calories. While eating healthy foods is highly recommended, you also need to find the perfect mix of fats and proteins so that you can fill up on foods without stocking on calories.

25. Aim for balanced diet

Don't be tempted to eat less and stay hungry for longer periods of time. This not only slows down your metabolism but also seduces you into eating the first thing you lay your hands on. What you need to do is eat a balanced diet of fats, carbs, proteins and other essential nutrients within a gap of three hours of each meal. Eating balanced meals and low-calorie snacks will keep your mind off food and your body active. The quickest way to lose weight is by avoiding anything that doesn't contribute towards your goals.

26. Plan your meals ahead

Speaking of balanced diet, the best way to prevent unhealthy foods from sneaking into your diet is to have a solid plan in place. When you know what you will be eating for the next seven days, you can shop and stock up accordingly, without allowing a moment of weakness to overpower your commitment. One day of the week should be dedicated to putting together a plan that you can follow over a week and you can shop for grocery items accordingly. Giving structure to your diet will keep you stay dedicated towards your goal.

27. Choose your sweets carefully

Sweet foods are a power punch of calories that you don't really need in your diet. Hoping to lose weight quickly means giving up all your favorite chocolates and choosing a healthier dessert over sneaky sweets. However, if you must absolutely eat chocolates, go for dark ones. Dark chocolates have energy-boosting antioxidant properties that are good for your health. Moreover, they contain less sugar which means low calories as well. Nutritionists say that eating a piece or two of dark chocolate every day can actually have more health benefits than eating regular chocolates.

28. Avoid eating junk foods

So you have a cheat meal in your diet plan, but does that mean you are free to stock up on junk food calories? Of course not! Just remember that junk food is never satisfying for long and you will end up eating more than your ration for the day, jeopardizing all your hard work. You can, however, allow yourself to indulge in high calorie, yet healthy, foods that will give you the benefits of eating clean, satiate your craving, keep you full for long and inch you closer to your healthy weight loss goal.

29. Say a big no to processed foods

Processed foods are guilty of being full of sugar and hydrogenated fats. To make matters worse, they do very little in terms of providing nutritional value. If that wasn't enough, your sugar-free, carb-free processed foods are loaded with chemicals that are no good either. In reality, the best way to lose weight fast is by eating whole natural foods. Sadly, there is no shortcut to losing all those kilos you have been desperate to lose. If you want longer and sustainable results, then switch to eating clean and cook your meals from the scratch.

30. Enjoy a glass of red

This one is perhaps the most weight-loss friendly tip so far! While most diets recommend to stay off alcohol, and so do we, the benefits of red wine far outweigh its complete prevention. Red wine has antioxidant, resveratrol, that helps in cutting fat from the body, thus aiding in weight loss. Drinking a small glass of red wine, 125ml, can actually be more beneficial. If you are a non-drinker, then you can consume blueberries, peanuts, pomegranate and cranberries as a non-alcoholic source of antioxidants.

31. Drink fat-free beverages

When you feel the need to have a hot cuppa, skip the regular sweetened tea or coffee and drink green tea instead. Green tea contains oxidant rich properties that control the movement of free radicals in your body and helps you bolster your immunity system. At the same time, 3-5 cups of green tea a day can also accelerate your weight loss. It helps in controlling the appetite and also prevents the accumulation of fat inside your body. You can make your brew more refreshing by adding a few drops of lemon and a little honey.

32. Make small, reasonable goals

Cutting a diet of 2000+ calories to as low as 1000 calories is seriously dangerous and impractical. With such a strict diet, chances are you will either fall sick or fail. No good can ever come out of eating that poorly. So instead of making drastic changes in your food intake, make smaller, yet discernible changes that are much likelier to stick as long-term habits. Small goals can include eating at least two portions of fruits and vegetables or choosing proteins over carbs in at least one meal of the day. These mini challenges can be fun and sustainable too.

33. Cook your food with cooking spray

Instead of coating your skillet with butter or oil, use a cooking spray instead. You will not only consume fewer calories but will also be able to cook your meals with least amount of oil. Even though your body needs good fat for absorption of nutrients, eating in excess can pile on all those pounds you have lost so far. Besides cooking with less oil makes food lighter and keeps it healthy. At the same time, too much oil in food makes you lethargic, tempting you to skip your workout sessions. This is the last thing you want if you are trying to lose weight fast.

34. Make your food spicy

Diet food doesn't have to be boring and bland. In fact, you should add some hot spices to your meals! Fiery spices can accelerate your metabolism and also make your food taste so much more exciting. In fact, it also makes you eat slower that fills you up faster. Weight loss is more about training your mind than to train the body.

35. Get active

When you want to lose weight, diet plays a huge role. But, if you add a little activity at home, it can fire up the process. Since we spend a lot of time sitting, adding a little movement can a good start. Gradually, you can also introduce short bursts of exercise that can really do the trick. At first, you can just get up and do some quick exercises during commercials, walk around as you watch a video or simply walk in your home when you are talking on the phone. These simple yet practical changes alone will make a huge difference.

36. Walk your dog

If you are lazy about going out for a run, just take the responsibility of walking your dog at least once in a day. This will give you the impetus to get up and get outside. That 10 minutes you spend walking your pet will help you shave off those pounds you would otherwise pile on by sitting at home. You can start with a short 5-10 minutes walk and then gradually increase it to 45-60 minutes. This level of exercise is necessary to keep the fat off and stay active.

37. Try to move more

The best way to start the process of losing weight is to spend as little time sitting as possible. However, shorts bursts of exercises are practical at home but not in an office environment. You can't just get up and do jumping jacks in your office. What you can do instead is to take a walk after every hour or two. You can choose the farthest washroom or simply walk up the stairs. Just the way every bite counts, so does the smallest level of activity that adds up in the end.

38. Get up after every hour

No matter where you are just set the alarm on your phone for 1-hour intervals. As the alarm beeps, you should get up and start moving for at least 2-5 minutes. You can also sneak in a yoga posture or stretch a little. The point is to not sit in one position for too long without moving. Walking around after every hour or so will keep your metabolism active and keep those calories from storing itself as fat.

39. Take your kids to the park

Don't have a pet? Don't worry! Your kids are enough to keep you active throughout the day. You can indulge in a little activity of your own as your kids play around the swing. Run on the tracks or do pull-ups in the park. The idea is to enjoy your workout no matter where you are and include as much activity in your day as possible. Going to the park with your kids is a fun and natural way to introduce such activities.

40. Make household chores your workout session

Did you know you can lose as many as 200 calories by washing your car or raking the leaves in your front yard? Basic chores at home alone can help you burn those calories. Vacuum your house or mow the lawn, dust the top shelves, wash your laundry, do the dishes or simply clean the house. These activities every day can burn the calories and contribute towards your weight loss journey.

41. Run!

There is nothing more effective and enjoyable than running in the park. Why not use your early mornings to have a sprint session? Just lace up your running shoes and get out the door before you can think of a reason why you shouldn't. Running releases endorphins that make you feel happy and active throughout the day, also known as runner's high. This is the best way to kickstart your day on a healthy and positive note. Just combine this routine with healthy breakfast and you are all set!

42. Sneaks in some exercises in your daily routine

Did you know that short bursts of exercises are far more effective and result oriented than hours at the gym? Do jumping jacks before the shower or push ups right after you wake up. Get up from your seat after every hour and do some form of exercise. The idea is to keep your body active throughout the day so that it uses all the energy rather than storing it as fat. This is undoubtedly the most successful method of torching calories even when you are not actively going to the gym.

43. Set morning goals

When you wake up each morning with a goal in your mind, you can mentally prepare yourself for the exercise that lay ahead of you. Each night, you can establish small goals that will help you get closer to your target weight and also help you form new habits. Introducing too many changes at the same time can lead to failure and disappointment. However, this can be avoided by setting small realistic goals that can be achieved on a daily basis, thus propelling you in the right direction with a positive mindset.

44. Buy your groceries from a store

Online shopping is a blessing indeed, but going to a grocery store to shop is not only a mindful experience but also lets you get more physically active. You can walk to the store, bag your own groceries, do some bicep curls while you walk around the aisle looking for items and also walk back home with the shopping bags. By doing this, you can easily burn 200-300 calories. Avoid driving to stores that are close to your home or office. You can also take a lap around the grocery store before you start shopping for the groceries.

45. Make exercising fun

Why make exercising such a daunting experience? You can do fun activities such as swimming, gardening, hiking etc. and still reap just as many benefits. Want to spice things up? You can also indulge in more sex with your partner! Sex is known to burn a great number of calories and is also considered to be one of the most enjoyable workouts. Exercising does not necessarily mean running on the treadmill or lifting weights. You can make simple changes in your routine and still signal your body to use all the stored fat for energy.

46. Join a class

When was the last time you went for an interactive session? Why not join Zumba or dance class this summer? This high intensive cardio workout is so much fun! You will actually look forward to all the sweat sessions and also make some friends in the process! You can join many classes such as tai-chi, spinning, yoga and lots more. Group sessions are a fun and enjoyable way to encourage yourself to exercise. With clean eating and daily physical activities, you will be able to see some real changes in your body.

47. Play motion games in your home

It is annoying to see your boyfriend always hooked on to his console games as you sit around and mope. But guess what? You can also play games that are not only fun but also help you lose weight. Just connect the motion gaming system to the console and convert your living room into an indoor playground. You can choose from games like horse riding, dancing, basketball, badminton, lawn tennis and many other options. Don't worry if you are not much of an outdoor person or don't have much time to do grocery shopping. Just invest in these games and plan your sweat sessions as per your convenience.

48. Start walking

Walking is the best and the most effective low-impact exercise that not only torches your calories but also gives you plenty of other health benefits. You can easily walk for 30-45 minutes every day and get the benefits of an active lifestyle. Just hit your neighborhood park, walk after meals, walk to the office or just walk in the evening. No matter what you do, introduce at least 45-60 minutes of walking in your daily routine. With this one simple habit change, you will not only feel healthier but also notice your body change for good!

49. Don't just rely on dieting, mix it up with exercise

Many people feel that losing weight is a complex process. To tell you the truth, it is not. In fact, weight loss is all about discipline and following a set routine every day. If want to get best results fast, you must not only eat clean but also exercise at least 30-minutes every day. Naturally, you can work up your stamina and make it up to 60 minutes daily. At the same time, you need to understand that it is the balance between healthy eating and regular exercise that helps you achieve the results ultimately.

50. Stop eating in front of the TV

Researchers say that people who do not eat consciously end up eating more than their fill. This is the quickest way to gain weight and lose control of your diet plan. This is why it is recommended to be attentive while eating and to avoid distractions while eating. Eating mindfully not only makes the food more enjoyable but also helps to actively determine when to stop.

51. Take your numbers seriously

Many dieticians suggest that reading too much into numbers can be overwhelming and that one should only focus on eating clean. However, numbers are real that give you an accurate picture of your progress. If you have been honest towards your endeavors, you will see it on the scale and feel motivated to keep going. You should closely monitor everything, from each bite you eat to every inch you gained or lost. Keeping a journal is also an effective way to measure your progress.

52. Train with your buddies

Getting a friend or your partner on board with your fitness goals is a great way to get more serious about your health. Looking at other person's dedication, one feels motivated to keep up the efforts. Choosing a buddy makes you accountable for your fitness routine, be it exercise or workout, and also make you accountable for the days you failed to meet your daily goals. To make things more interesting, you can also plan challenges between yourselves to encourage healthy competition.

53. Buy new sneakers

Buying new gym wear and sneakers is a good way to get excited about running and working out. Break into your new shoes by walking around or running for one block. If you are a regular runner, you should change your old shoes after every 500 miles or more, it is time to replace them with a new pair. Get some snazzy colors and stylish fitness wears to get excited about wearing them each morning or evening.

54. Read success stories

Speaking of motivation, there is nothing more motivating than reading about someone who successfully lost all those pounds without compromising on their health. When we read about people who have been going through the same struggle as us, it gives us hope that by making all these changes, we can reach our fitness goals too. Reading about someone else's success will also drive the point home and help you become more serious towards your weight loss goals. Losing weight fast doesn't mean a diet of ice cubes. It is about eating healthily and unfailingly.

55. Take the stairs

There is nothing more effective than taking the stairs each day. If possible, ditch the elevators and take the stairs to your office or home floor. If at first it is difficult, then start with just one or two floors and then gradually increase it to your own floor and beyond. For every 10 minutes you spend climbing stairs, you lose 100 calories! This is one of the most physically taxing yet low-impact exercises that is easy to weave into your daily routine and accelerate the weight loss process.

56. Get outdoors

There are more fun ways to lose weight than you can imagine! You can go for camping and hiking over the weekend or go for rock climbing in one of the many national parks. Did you know that one hour of rock climbing can burn as many as 700 calories? Don't worry if you don't have boulders or climbing walls in your area. You can always hit the climbing gym or an indoor wall for the same amount benefits. Moreover, rock climbing is extremely enjoyable when done with friends. More such activities will keep you on track, without ever giving you a weight gain scare.

57. Do weight training

If you want your body to lose weight even when it is resting, then you need to build muscle mass. Muscles are built by strength training like lifting weights or doing body weight exercises. If you are not the one to go to the gym, you can also use the props in your house such as sandbags or your own body weight to improve body strength. This in-turn works magic on your overall weight loss. In a week, you must have at least 2-3 days dedicated to strength training if you want to see quick results.

58. Do circuit training

The best and the most productive method to lose weight and lose it quick is by doing circuit training. Circuit training is a short burst of exercises between sets to get the metabolism fired up and lose all those fat deposits in your body as energy sources. Many people who have gone through drastic transformations swear by the success of circuit training in helping you lose weight fast. You can combine a mix of weights and cardio to your circuit training routine for best results.

59. Jump rope

Anytime you can sneak in a jump rope routine in your day, do it. It accelerates your heart and gives you a quick surge of adrenaline, burning as many calories as a 15-minute run does. Imagine skipping rope before the shower, two hours after sitting on your work desk and sometime in the evening. Start small but gradually increase it up to 10-15 minutes each session. This high-intensity workout is a great way to torch those calories that your body is storing as fat deposits.

60. Don't fall for fads

In our quest to lose weight quick, we often try to take shortcuts that hardly ever help. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is by doing it the right way. Just take small healthy steps and see yourself inching closer towards your goal. It is very important for you to realize that this is about making a lifestyle change and not achieve a short term goal. Fads and pills will only help you get there, but they will not be able to sustain that weight loss.

61. Take help from a personal trainer

If you think you don't have the patience or the discipline to do this on your own, then you can also consider hiring a personal trainer. You will not only be accountable to someone but will also learn the correct form of exercise to prevent injury. You will also learn important tips about how to warm up and cool down after your workout. Even though personal trainers can be expensive, they can really help you get to your goal faster and in a healthy manner.

62. Don't be an emotional eater

Some people that are struggling with weight issues are known to have other more intrinsic emotional issues. They are used to eating fatty foods for comfort which is making them gain weight. But in order to lose weight, you need to terminate your unhealthy relationship with food and find other helpful outlets to vent out pent up emotions. Don't let stress and boredom define your hunger. Psychologists say that emotional eaters usually feel worse after eating poorly. Rather than seeking comfort in food, join support groups and other such mediums to take help.

63. Support networks

Having said that, support groups and communities work wonders in helping people lose weight. If you find it hard to hard to stay methodical about your approach, don't hesitate to take help from these groups. These people will understand your obstacles and may even be in the same boat as you. Helping each other through these groups can really get you going on your weight loss journey and make you more committed towards your cause. However, always remember that it is your fight alone and no one else can do it for you!

64. Set short term and long term goals

The best way to stay committed to your goals is to set small milestones along the way. Short term goals help you lose weight successfully but it is long term goals that maintain healthy body weight. You must break your journey down to days, weeks and months. Research says that you should set goals that are almost too easy achieve so that you are driven towards achieving those micro goals. A recent study also indicates that by achieving these small-term goals, you also condition your brain to resist temptation.

65. Find the exercise that you truly enjoy

Many people shudder at the thought of running at 5 AM or going to a gym for an hour each day. But imagine if your workout hour was something you can naturally look forward to? Are you a water baby? Why not go swimming? Do you love dancing? How about joining a dancing class? Do you love biking? Why not take your bike and just pedal around the block? These are some extremely effective exercises that can shave off your pounds in a healthy and fun way. So next time you are dreading the exercise, do something you love!

66. Don't walk a tight rope

It is almost unreasonable to expect that you will never fail. You will fail and not once but many times. To not account for these failures will make weight loss journey more dreadful than it really is. However, adding a little flexibility to your routine will make you believe that you are in control of your diet and not the other way round. Don't feel like going for exercise? Don't! just slack it off and read a book instead. Feel like drinking a can of beer? Go ahead and do that, just make sure to make up for it next day. Make your weight loss fun and learning experience by allowing yourself to fail every once in a while!

67. Reward your hard work

Our brain is such that it wants to work harder if there is a reward at the end of it. Setting short term goals also important to assess your performance from one milestone to the next and reward yourself for every time you reach your goal. For every goal that you achieve, reward your performance with something. Dropped 5 pounds? Buy that dress you have been eyeing for so long. Had 1200 calories straight for a week? Grab that dessert you had forsaken for your big goal. These small rewards will make your weight loss more challenging and fun.

68. Find your reason

In your reason to lose weight lies your motivation. At the face of it, losing weight is not that hard. What is hard, however, is the ability to make the choices in face of temptation. When you are faced with an option between a bag of chips and a carrot and hummus for a snack, you are likely to choose the former, thanks to your taste buds. This is why you need to find your motivation that will keep you committed to your path.

69. Get rid of the mental pressure of a diet

Diet, the word itself is so incredibly daunting. When you tell yourself that you are going to be dieting soon, it puts a lot of mental pressure on you. In fact, a diet is a temporary form of eating to help you shave off those extra pounds. However, you know that you are in this for long and dieting with its temporary nature will not make the cut. If you want to reach your ideal weight and maintain it, then you need to make a lifestyle change that will stay with you forever.

70. Get your friends and family on board

When you announce your decision to choose a healthy lifestyle, make sure your friends and family members are aware of it. Their support can make a huge difference to your consistency and results. Unless people close to you know how much your weight loss journey means to you, they will try to veer you off your path that can be bad for your motivation and the end results. This is why you need to make them understand about your journey as well as your progress so that they help you stay focused.

71. Laughter is the best medicine

Don't allow challenges of your weight loss journey steal that smile off your face. When you laugh your worries away, you can keep the stress at bay, the major contributor to weight gain. Did you know that when your body is under duress, it releases cortisol, the stress hormone, can boost your hunger and make you feel starved at odd times? However, the best medicine to deal with stress is laughter. By laughing, you can burn up to 100 calories and also prevent your body from going under pressure of stress.

72. Weigh yourself every week

Contrary to popular belief, keeping a close check on how much you weigh can really help you stay focused on your progress and identify wrong patterns if any. Losing weight is a time taking process but seeing results just days apart can work wonders on your motivation. If you have been making healthy choices throughout the week, the number on your scale will reward you by going down! Always remember to weigh yourself in the morning on an empty stomach.

73. Never exercise on an empty stomach

People wrongly believe that by exercising on an empty stomach, they will be able to lose more calories. However, it is important to understand that the number of calories burned is more your muscle's doing than the fat. Moreover, without eating a light pre-workout snack, you will not be able to power through the workout with energy. A light snack just 30-minutes before exercising can give you the energy you the energy you need to work your body.

74. Add 2-more to your workout every day

No matter what workout you do, add just 2 more to the number just when you are ready to stop. If you are running on the treadmill, add 2 more minutes; if you are doing squats, add just 2 more before you stop. The idea is to push yourself and achieves greater intensity over a period of time without being unreasonable. This is a very effective method to gradually increase the two you spend working out.

75. If possible, exercise in the morning

While many studies indicate that working out any time of the day has just about the same effect on the body, the impact is more psychological than physiological. When we schedule our workout in the evening, there are a million things that can get in the way of our routine. However, by working out in the morning, you not only start the day with an active note but will also get the most important thing out of the way the first thing in the morning.

76. Quit snacking by chewing gum

You will be amazed at how our bored mind can make us believe that we are hungry! If you think you are hungry, even though you had a full sized meal just an hour ago, popping an unsweetened chewing gum will do the trick. You will notice how you no longer feel hungry as you chew a gum. This simple trick can really stop you from untimely snacking that is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain.

77. Change your habits for different results

If you have been doing the same thing for years and have not noticed any change, then you need to change your habits. The same lifestyle will drive same results, no matter how much you try. Don't be afraid to try different things like new fitness class or a new fruit. These little changes can go a long way in fast-tracking that weight loss process.

78. Eat before you go to a party

This may be a little hard to do at first, but think how you will self-sabotage your week long efforts by pigging out if you are hungry? Eating a few healthy snacks before you leave home can prevent you from overeating because you are already full. You can also carry a snack in your purse to avoid gorging on those unhealthy and fattening appetizers.

79. Park your car at least a block away from work

In an effort to get more active, taking the stairs or pushing your own cart at the grocery store alone will not do the trick. You can also additionally park your car a block away so that you have no choice but to walk the distance. Introducing a little walk in your daily routine is enough to keep your metabolism working and help you stay lightly active.

80. Download your favorite music

Music can really motivate you to hit the tracks! Just download the playlist you love and get going. You will be amazed at how enjoyable your run or walk will be because of the music. There are many songs or playlists that are designed to help you stay inspired for a workout. Find the one that you connect most with and add it to your smartphone. These little tricks work as a motivational factor to get you going.

81. Sneak in some squats

Brewing your morning cup of coffee? Do some squats. Waiting for the microwave? Do some squats. Going to take a shower? Do some squats. Basically, you can insert some squats throughout the day in your routine. Even if you do 10-15 at a time, multiple times a day, you will be able to notice a difference. Squats is the best body weight exercise that can fire up your metabolism and keep you active.

82. Make a list of all your bad habits

Sometimes we don't even realize the things we do that are affecting the quality of our lives. In order to change poor lifestyle habits, you need to acknowledge their existence. This is why you need to make a list of all the poor habits you have. Then you need to screen through these habits and replace them with healthy habits, first on paper, then in reality.

83. Stop making excuses

You have seen how far you can go with excuses! You can spend a lifetime fooling yourself with lame reasons to not to do and just one reason to do it. This one reason will be your driving force that will help you stay focused on your goals. Aren't you tired of all the promises you made to yourself only to not keep them in the end? If you are really serious about seeing real changes, then you need to stop making excuses right now.

84. Don't treat eating as a hobby

Food is neither a hobby nor a stress buster. If you are not hungry, don't eat, as simple as that. Weight loss can only happen if you create a caloric deficit and this deficit cannot happen if you continue to stuff your face with food. Unless your body genuinely needs food, do not feed it. There are many ways to tell boredom and hunger apart. So first determine if you are really hungry or simply bored.

85. Weight loss begins in your kitchen

Before you hit the gym, you need to fix your eating habits and make sure that what you are putting into your body is only geared towards improving it. Unless that happens, your weight loss journey is a lost cause. Eating packaged meals or driving through restaurants will not make the cut! You need to build your body in the kitchen, it means both literally and figuratively.

86. Get proper sleep

Sleep is extremely important for the body to rest and rejuvenate itself. Lack of sleep can propel your body into stress mode, producing cortisol. This hormone instigates the brain to act as if it is hungry, tempting us to eat at all the odd hours. This is the reason you need to sleep for at least 6-8 hours every day. There is nothing better and more refreshing than a good night's sleep.

87. Consistency is the key

Try avoiding workout days, even if you don't feel up for it. Losing weight is more a mental journey than a physical one. If your brain tricks you into skipping workout today, it will continue to trick you again and again. You need to overpower your brain and set the rules straight. If you don't feel like working out, just go for a 10-minute walk and come back if you are still not up for it. But remember, the success of your weight loss journey lies in its consistency.

88. Take selfies

Believe it or not, taking selfies during workouts can actually help you lose weight. You will be able to see and track changes. You can post these selfies on your social media profile and the acknowledgment you get from others will also serve as a motivation to stick with it till the end. It is not necessary to post the photos but taking it from time to time will help you observe your progress.

89. Take help from your doctor

If you are struggling with weight issues and nothing seems to work for you, speaking to your doctor might actually help. Studies say that people who discuss their weight gain problem with their physicians are able to shed up to 10% of their body weight in subsequent weeks. The truth is never easy to hear but when your doctor tells you, point blank, that you need to fix your lifestyle, you will listen!

90. Love your body

You should be motivated to lose weight not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for the fitness purposes. This is why we recommend you to choose a healthier weight loss approach than following fad diets. If you love your body, you will never do anything to damage it or hurt it by feeding it poorly. Embrace your body as is and find your inspiration in health rather than searching for it in vanity.

91. Get a thyroid checkup

Sometimes we notice that no amount of dieting or workout is helping our cause. If anything else, your weight continues to climb up the scale. Rather than getting despondent, get yourself checked. There might be something else at play. The thyroid is a common condition that can interfere with your metabolism, making it impossible for you to lose weight.

92. Find a new sport

Sports are the most fun and interactive way to lose weight. You can go golfing, biking, play basketball or baseball etc. to keep your body active. If you want to lose weight fast, then you need to trick your body and prevent it from falling into a routine. The moment your body adapts to the change in routine, it will stop burning calories. This is why a new activity every now and then is important to break the weight-loss plateau.

93. Set reminders on your phone

Tell your phone or laptop to remind you after every hour to get up and take a stroll or do a simple stretching exercise. You can also just take a glass of water, take a loo break, or simply walk around the office complex. The bottom line is to break your sitting routine and get more active. These little activities throughout the day add up to become a massive calorie loss at the end of the week! Just make sure you are eating clean during this time, especially if you want to lose your weight quickly.

94. Stand up more

Even though it may sound weird, but standing can actually burn more calories, definitely more than sitting! Sitting all day can easily make you a victim of obesity and kill your dream of ever fitting into that dress. Rather than sitting all day, you can stand every once in a while. If your work is mostly sedentary, then you can also consider investing in a sit-stand desk that can help you burn more calories. Try to stand, wherever possible. You will be contributing heavily to the end of day calorie burn by making these small changes.

95. Meditate for weight loss

You may have never heard of someone suggesting meditation for weight loss. However, when your mind is at peace, you are more mindful of your actions and make the right decisions that help you feel better. Sometimes the stressed mind can encourage you to eat, even when you are not hungry. However, people that meditate have witnessed an improved relationship with food, helping them to lose those extra pesky kilos. By meditation, you can use muscle relaxing techniques and breathing efficiency that improves self-focus and help binge eaters to become more aware of what they eat. Through meditation, you will be able to deal with your emotions more rationally rather than depending on the food.

96. Chant affirmations

To be able to achieve your weight loss goal and continue down that road unfailingly, you need to give yourself the encouragement to keep going. At times, all you need is a little pep talk to get all fired up. Chanting positive affirmations every day can help you believe on your journey and make you stay committed to your path, even if you feel distracted. You can also hang some inspirational posters or set motivational wallpapers to give yourself the visual cues about working hard and sticking to your plan. These mantras can make all the difference to your weight loss success.

97. Think of adding healthy foods, rather than subtracting unhealthy ones

We have said this multiple times before, and we will say it again, weight loss is more a mental journey than it is physical. If you do not train your mind to be on board with you, no amount of efforts will help you reach your goal. Rather than fixating on not being able to eat pizzas, cookies, cake, burgers etc., think of how you can have more fun with healthy alternatives. Your success lies replacing all the bad foods with good ones, voluntarily. Don't stress about not being able to eat all the junk food. Instead, be creative with all the health foods to feel excited about your weight loss.

98. Visualize your milestones

When you spend a good amount of time visualizing your goals and how you will feel at the end of your journey, you will automatically feed motivated to stick to your path. You need to realize that for a long term and sustainable weight loss, there is no other alternative than to make necessary health and lifestyle changes. In fact, research suggests that you can enhance your performance by simply thinking about it or imagining it. Next time you are going to hit the gym, just think about increasing the weights or running an extra mile.

99. Tackle one habit at a time

Changing a habit is not easy as it. Now try to tackle one too many! It is the quickest way to fail and setting yourself up for failure. Rather than making the whole weight loss journey seem impossible, it is important to concentrate on just one nasty habit at a time. Do you have a habit of eating sweets after a meal? Replace that with a walk. Take one habit at a time and replace it with its healthier alternatives to get faster results.

100. Make fitness functional

You don't always have to take out hours for the gym or run in the morning. You can also make small changes in your daily routine to increase strength and endurance at the same time. Functional exercises can be very helpful in reducing injury and working several muscle groups at the same time. They not only encourage muscle gain but also increase metabolism that helps torch fat faster. Most importantly, functional exercises can really make your daily tasks, such as hauling groceries up the staircase, much easier and beneficial.

Weight loss is a lifelong process that requires commitment and dedication from the beginning till the end. Do not focus on what you will have to give up along the way, instead channel your energy towards what you will gain in the end. This simple shift of focus will help you stay focused towards your goal. Making weight loss an enjoyable process is completely in your hands. Don't limit yourself to the gym or the park only. Think of innovative ways to challenge various muscle groups in your body and get going in the end. The idea is to work up your metabolism through exercise and clean diet which is the holy mantra of weight loss.

Use these tips to make those small changes that will make a very big difference to not just the way you look but also your lifestyle.

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