21 Tips to Hire Best PHP Programmers

21 Tips to Hire Best PHP Programmers
21 Tips to Hire Best PHP Programmers

21 Tips to Hire Best PHP Programmers

if you are looking to hire the best PHP programmers for your business, then you need to take the following tips into consideration. Remember, you not only need to find a company that fits your budget but also someone who understands your requirements.

Here are the top 21 tips to help you choose the ideal one for your projects.

1. Ask around for referrals: ask your colleagues for references or do a simple online search to come up with a few PHP programmers. You can also consider checking on freelance platforms to look for freelance programmers.

2. Choice between a freelancer and a professional company: while either one can deliver what you need and do so in your required budget, you need to find an expert who can do dependable and efficient work. It is obviously safer to conduct business with an established firm, but that certainly doesn't guarantee quality work. So no matter who you choose, you need to perform proper due diligence before hiring the PHP programmer.

3. Check their website and ask for a portfolio: The company should have a well designed website and a reliable online presence for you to do your research. You can also for their portfolio of past work to get a detailed look into their working style and ethics.

4. Speak to the company's employees: the best way to check a company's professional code is by talking to their employees. You can ask if the company's stakeholders are happy or not. A company that keeps its staff happy will likely keep its clients satisfied too.

5. Enquire about previous clients: When you are looking for best PHP programmers to work with, the next important thing you need to consider is their past projects. Ask them about their previous clients and request them to share their ongoing projects with you. You can assess their work quality by looking into their previous projects. If they delivered good results then, they will do it for you as well.

6. Compare quotes: It is safe to assume that you have at least a few names before choosing the final PHP programmer for your project. You can compare quotes offered by all and see what each quote provides. Do not always choose a service provider based on lowest price. Compare every aspect of PHP development corresponding to the price before you make the selection.

7. Interview the potential programmer: This is your best chance to understand the programmer you will be working with in the future, so ask relevant questions. Prepare a list of questions that will test their technical prowess such as PHP design patterns, data encryption, experience with web services etc.

8. Technical knowledge: before you narrow down your list of PHP programmers, you need to evaluate their technical expertise on the subject matter. This is extremely crucial to ensure that your developer will have the skills required to enhance your project. You can also ask them about the trainings their company gives to the programmers to keep them up to speed with the technological advancements.

9. Communication skills: this is the most important factor for any business to prosper. The developer must be well versed with their craft and must be readily available via email, phone, text, Skype etc. An open communication channel is the key to conducting smooth business between developer and the client.

10. Easily Adaptable: Communication skills notwithstanding, you need to work with a developer who can adapt to dynamic situations without compromising on the work quality.

11. Ask for references: Nothing like word of mouth marketing in today's world. A good recommendation for a PHP expert can reinstate your faith in the choice you made. You can also check their social media channels such as LinkedIn to know what their previous clients have to say about them.

12. Request Programmer to Review Developer Code: When you are interviewing potential PHP programmer for your project, don't hesitate to ask them to review developer code, also known as Code Review. This extra step will ascertain that the person you have on the job is capable of developing what you need.  

13. Should Be Flexible: someone who is working in the technological domain should be well connected with the latest trends and new advancements. Programmers should be able to not only understand their client's requirements but should also be able to make recommendations based on their knowledge. Their professional assistance could of great value to the project.

14. Turn Around Time: What good is a PHP programmer who cannot work in strict deadlines? The turnaround time is extremely crucial for the success of your project and a developer who cannot meet those deadlines is the last one you want on the team.

15. Quality assurance: the best companies or programmers to work with are the ones who have a quality assurance department in place. They should assure you that the final product will be delivered within the stipulated time and without any bugs.

16. Standard protocol: When you are looking to hire a PHP programmer, make sure that the company follows a standard project management approach with appropriate tools and techniques so that all the tasks can be monitored and managed efficiently.

17. Read customer testimonials: Once you have done your preliminary due diligence, do check the customer testimonials to know what others have to say about them. This way you can also learn about the programmer or company's reputation in the industry.

18. Discuss the costs: Budget is one of the most important factors in choosing a programmer or a web development firm. You should ask your contractor to give you clear pricing and transparent all inclusive quote. There should be not hidden charges as last minute surprises.

19. Customer service support: the company you eventually choose to work with should have a steady customer support system in place. Their technical team should be available 24/7 through email, phone or chat.

20. Don't hire a multi-tasker: While this might seem counterintuitive at this point, but don't hire a programmer who can handle designing as well. Your programmer should be good at PHP programming, because that is what you are hiring them for. Let them keep their focus on tasks they handle best.

21. Hire a fulltime programmer: No matter if you are working with a freelancer or a web development firm, the programmer that works with you should be dedicated to your project fulltime. This will not only save you money but also ensure that they are focused on a single task.

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21 Tips to Hire Best PHP Programmers, How to hire best PHP Programmers

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