21 Tips and Best Ways to Learn Japanese Fast

21 Tips and Best Ways to Learn Japanese Fast
21 Tips and Best Ways to Learn Japanese Fast

21 Tips to Learn Japanese Fast

Japanese is one of the most cultural languages out there. So if you are on your way to learn this beautiful tongue, then use these 21 easy learning hacks to master your Japanese quickly.

1. Listen to understand: the key to learning any language fast is to listen intently. It doesn't matter even if you don't understand, but after listening to it for some time you will be able to make sense of it.

2. Try to read from an authentic Japanese source: rather than feeding yourself inaccurate information from the internet, get your source material from authentic websites. There are many genuine Japanese news websites with up-to-date information and fluent language for the learners to pick up easily. You can start with the easy version and work your way up to the more technical one.

3. Language is acquired, not learnt: even though you may have access to world class Japanese tutors and teaching material, one cannot put a new language in your head. You have to acquire it through self learning and experience. Fluency depends on how actively you practice speaking and writing. You have to make a conscious effort at every step of the way, especially if you want to master it quickly.

4. Speak the tongue: the best way to brush up your skills and to make yourself adept is to speak Japanese as often as possible, preferably everyday. Some tutors will interact with you in the local language for $5/hour and help you learn it quickly.

5. Enjoy learning: Don't make learning a chore. Instead of sticking to books and audios, you can also incorporate Japanese in other forms such as music, movies, video games etc. This added exposure will help you pick up the language quickly.

6. Watch some Japanese TV: indulging in some Japanese dramas will help you get a grasp on the way its spoken informally. This valuable approach will also let you gain some insight into the local culture making it easier for you to understand the colloquial references.

7. Learn at your pace: Don't force yourself to learn more than you can handle. If you feel that you are tired of studying, then take a break and practice informally. You can also watch some entertaining anime or try reading an interesting book.

8. Proactively talk in Japanese: if you talk to a Japanese local, they will naturally start off with English assuming that you don't speak their tongue. However, you can tell them that you are learning and they will be happy to talk to you in a language that comes more naturally to them. You can also interact with shopkeepers and other locals in Japanese to brush your skills along the way.

9. No need to be formal: luckily for you, Japanese people do not like a lot of formality when they talk to each other. Rather than fixating on being polite, try to start a conversation more casually and make some friends.

10. Listen to some Japanese Songs: This is well known fact that the best way to learn something is through a rhythmic pattern. Songs are a great way to pick up a language quickly. Find some songs that you enjoy listening to and start practicing your Japanese from there.

11. Participate in some Activities: the more active you are in learning the language, the faster you will pick up. Enrol for some activities organized by Japanese association and meet likeminded people who might be on the same page as you. Activities usually include speech contests, dialogue sessions, cultural activities etc.

12. Try to be more natural: Incorporate Japanese in your daily life more naturally. Replace your own language with Japanese words and sentences consciously until they come more naturally to you.

13. Read more books in Japanese: read the books and articles in Japanese out loud. This will help you hear yourself as you pronounce the words. Reading is the quickest and the most efficient way to polish your language.

14. Use Google Image Search: Sometimes you might find yourself stuck with a word or a sentence. Don't worry, use Google's image search option to look for its meaning. Search for other relevant images to expand your vocabulary.

15. Take help from experts: While it is better to learn the local way, it is always better to take help from experts from time to time. Japanese are a proud culture and take pride in writing correctly. Not doing it right is not only offensive to Japanese but can also be a roadblock in your learning. Learn the basics and take help from supervisors to ensure you are doing it correctly.

16. Use flashcards: For intensive language training, nothing works better than flashcard system. You can learn sentences rather than focusing on words or characters only. By learning in sentences, you not only broaden your vocabulary but also learn how to use them in the right context.

17. Download Japanese App on your smartphone: You can now practice your Japanese even when you are on the move. You can check new words, read and practice more sentences, use it for reference and do lots more with an app right in your smartphone. You can also test yourself and see how good you are.

18. Take help from a native speaker: you can practice your writing skills by writing something in Japanese which you can ask a native speaker to correct for you, if required. Request them to also mark your mistakes so that you can learn from them and refine your skills.

19. Get used to its patterns: what makes Japanese more interesting than other languages is some existing patterns. You need to devote many hours of listening and reading to identify these patterns, but once you do, it becomes easier and faster from there.

20. Pay attention to the grammar: Start from the scratch when learning Japanese grammar. It will help you strengthen your basics and also make you learn faster.

21. Take one step at a time: Learning a language as difficult as Japanese can be an overwhelming task. Remember to learn it at your own pace and enjoy the process. This will help you learn faster and retain the information for life.


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21 Tips to Learn Japanese Fast

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