BlitzWolf BW-AS1: This Speaker is a Masterpiece

BlitzWolf BW-AS1 This Speaker is a Masterpiece
BlitzWolf BW-AS1 This Speaker is a Masterpiece

A new Kickstater campaign has been launched and we are extremely excited about this one! To explain why we are excited we would like to tell you a little bit more about the campaign, the people involved in the campaign and what it means for all the participants who decide to back the project.

The Kickstarter campaign is called "AS1 speaker: More Than Just A Speaker, It's An Artwork". In this project we are excited to announce the Blitzwolf AS1 Speaker's Kickstart campaign. The campaign begins on 11th January 2018 and ends 10th February 2018. The goal is to reach US$ 6390 before the deadline and Blitzwolf will send the product to all of the much welcomed participants and if they can reach the goal they will refund all the money back. For everyone who is as excited about the product as us, the Kickstart Campaign can be found here when you click this link:

So who exactly is behind the project? The company behind this project is Blitzwolf, a technology company with a group of people who have a passion for technology and to creating the highest quality products for great prices. They have created many different products in the past from there small and effective power banks plus unbreakable power cables that work universally as effective across all devices to there excellent quality audio devices in there speakers and headphones collection. They manage to achieve this in such a small time when they launched in 2015. To discover more about this company please visit there website here:

What can you expect from the AS1 Speaker? Here are the features to look forward to:

Perfect Sound Quality

"The dual drivers produce clear treble, deep bass and balance mid-range. Powering the drivers is a Texas Instruments amplifier chip that guarantees distortion-free sound quality even at max volume."

Design for Excellence

"We manufacture the case by following a 10 step aviation oxidation process, followed by precise cutting of edges and speaker holes. The shell is then surface polished to perfection. Our speaker is a combination of modern design and industrial technology. We don't just pursue sound quality; we also pursue art."

Stronger Batteries for a Longer Playtime

"The powerful 5200mAh internal battery enables you to listen to your music for more than 7 hours on a single charge. When its time to recharge, it only takes 3.5 hours to get your speaker fully topped up."

Aluminum Casing

"The one-piece molding gives our speaker a distinct look and also makes it incredibly strong. The single tone case is elegant and easily matches any indoor or outdoor environment. Both your ears and eyes will love the AS1."

Precisely Tuned

"Our audio engineers spent 1,040 hours adjusting the output until they perfectly balanced high-fidelity sound. It has tri-band equalization making it suitable for all genres of music."

Bluetooth 4.2

"Consumes less power and has better compatibility than previous version, this gives you extended battery life and assurance it will connect easily to your smart-phone. The exceptional range also give you the freedom to move your smart-phone throughout your home without disconnecting from the speaker."

This Kickstarter campaign's success is relying on your support. One last message from the Blitzwolf Team: "Join in to support the successful launch of our product, will not let you down". For more information about the speakers you can find it when you click this:  

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