(Review) Blood Pressure Monitor, HOMIEE Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Upper Arm, 2 Users with 240 Memories

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  • Higher Accuracy with Reliable Results: Clinically tested from thousands of individual data and core algorithms adopted to make sure higher accuracy.
  • Two Users Capability & 240 Memories: The blood pressure monitor is capable of switching between 2 users to store measurements separately. Record up to 240 measurements(120 readings each user) with date and time for easy blood pressure tracking.
  • Large LCD Display: The large 2.4" HD LCD screen shows all measurements clearly, especially easy for the aged to read. Traffic light indicator shows if your reading is normal or needs attention.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Indicator: Heart arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation can be detected for irregular results. Besides, arm movement icon may show up once the movement may influence accuracy.
  • One Size Fits All Cuff: M-L sized 22-42 cm (9"-17") arm cuff covers all age group for a snug fit. Cuff fitting detection icon indicates whether the cuff is too loose or fits OK.

(Review) Blood Pressure Monitor, HOMIEE Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Upper Arm, 2 Users with 240 Memories

Editor's Rating: 9.8 out of 10

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Professional Blood Pressure Machine that Your Family can Trust in
HOMIEE Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with advanced accuracy helps ensure consistent, precise readings. When you trust your heart to HOMIEE, you'll be empowered by the accuracy. Blood pressure and heart rate measurements are of essential and should be taken seriously to prevent harmful health issues.We designed this high accuracy monitor to make it easy simple, quick and easy at all times.

A Thoughtful Gift Idea for Your Parents
Safeguard the health of your parents and elders with HOMIEE premium automatic blood pressure monitor! Offer it as a gift to health-conscious users of all ages.

FDA: Approved
Power source: 4 x AA batteries (included) or power adapter (not included)
Rated voltage: DC 6.0V 4.0W (direct current)
Static accuracy: Pressure: 3mmHg / Pulse: 5% of reading
Memory function: 2 x 120 memories for 2 users (SYS, DIA, Pulse)
Package Contents: HOMIEE Blood Pressure Monitor, M-L Size Wide Cuff, 4x AA batteries, Instruction Manual

1. Do not eat or drink alcohol, smoke for 30 minutes prior to taking a measurement.
2. Test in the same time every day for better comparison.
3. Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Rest your arm on a table with palm upward. The cuff should be level with your heart. Do not talk or move during the measurement. For best results, use your left arm as it is closer to your heart.
4. Take two or three readings for average reading.

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