Some Amazing Facts about Online Casinos


With the tremendous penetration of the Internet throughout the globe, a virtual entertainment industry is rapidly developing. According to a study concluded by one of the European universities, 40% of Internet users play games online.

These online gamers belong to all age groups - the young generation, the mid-age, and even the retirees. Their mode of entertainment is as per their choice and preference. Some like to fight enemies, some opt for intelligent puzzles, and some like to try their luck at casino games. You can find online casinos in many languages, bet the most rewarding casinos online are the casinos in Canada.

Traditionally, online casinos are surrounded by a large number of myths. These myths are not based on any kind of reliable information and are generally stereotypes. To break the cloud of myths around online casinos and help you establish a positive image for the gaming industry, here are some interesting facts:

The Origin

In 1997, the first online casino of the world was launched. It was named Internet Casino System Version IV. Currently, more than 2,000 legal gambling establishments have emerged and are now listed on the World Wide Web. In fact, the number of mobile apps with casino games is so vast that choosing the best mobile casino apps can become challenging for a new user.

The Big Win

The biggest win ever in the industry of online casinos was recorded in Finland. A new user residing in Helsinki won close to 18 million euros after playing for 30 minutes at the Mega Fortune.

The Usage

According to statistics, a majority of users involved in online gambling are above the age of 30 years. These players spend an average of 3 to 5 hours playing casino games online. Younger generations, on the other hand, choose entertainment choices without any kind of monetary risks.

Moreover, when it comes to gender classification, a majority of the online casino audience comprises men. The number of women is slowly increasing but men take up 84% of the share.

Bonuses and Free Bets

Users can play online for free. Several casinos today allow users to play online without investing any real money. In fact, casinos are constantly reinventing their strategies to attract the new generation. Sign-up bonuses, weekend offers, and free bets give gamblers a wonderful opportunity using which they can enjoy the game process without spending/losing a single penny.

Many online gamers are addicted to online gambling. They may have never visited a land-based casino, but can spend hours on different casino games that offer the best bonuses online. One big reason for this growth is the easy way to reach gambling games from any device and basically any place with Wi-Fi.

Game Preference

According to statistics in 2017, 11% of all internet users were recorded to be active gamblers at online casinos. These gamblers prefer to play poker more than any other casino game.

Online casinos also offer lotteries, apart from traditional gambling games. These lotteries are more in demand when compared to gambling games. The total income generated by online gambling establishments is estimated to be around 55%. Furthermore, statistics also show that every second person across the globe has invested in a lottery at least once.

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