15 Interesting Facts About Online Casinos


Online casinos are quite the rage right now when it comes to gaming. There has been a tremendous rise in the playability factor of online games that have led to poker, blackjack, bingo, and slots becoming some of the most played money-earning games recently. Moreover, with increasing mobile usage, we can now gamble on the go and from anywhere in the world.

However, online casinos didn't have a smooth ride to popularity. The initial days had players, as well as governments, doubt the plausibility of gambling online. The idea and reach of online casinos have changed dramatically in the last couple of years. in 2016 published an infographic that looked at the rise of online gaming in the coming years. They weren't wrong in predicting that it would not only break boundaries, both actually and figuratively, but also help in the overall rise of employment, wages, and technological advancements. There still exist some myths about online gambling, and to break them, we look at 15 interesting facts that capture the essence of what online casinos are all about.

⎯ The first online casino came into existence in 1994 after Antigua and Barbados allowed the licensing of online gambling.

⎯ The title of "professional gambler" is currently used by as low as 33% of all the people who play in online casinos. The majority enjoy it as a leisurely activity, with online slots being the top grosser amongst them all. So popular are theme-based online slots that only 10% of people now play slots in land-based casinos.

⎯ Most online casinos have a variety of games they offer to their customers. From the age-old favourite bingo to poker, baccarat, slots, and even lotteries, casinos have them all. Quite a few online casinos also take sports bets to give their players a genuinely complete gambling experience.

⎯ Online casinos offer more magnificent deals to their customers than their land-based counterparts. For a newcomer, it is worth checking out to get a lowdown on the best promotions from the leading online casinos in one place. From welcome offers to player's favourites such as £600 bonus plus free spins, there are so many chances to start playing with a significant lead.

⎯ Online casinos are not always about money. There is a possibility to play games without money that are ideal for those just beginning or individuals who want to play for fun.

⎯ Online casinos are not just available on your PCs and laptops. Most leading casinos have mobile-friendly websites or apps that make playing simpler. It's worth going through the article by that lists some of the top mobile casino apps before picking your favourite. Make sure the apps you select are compatible with your phone and also look for those which integrate easy payment options.

⎯ The online casino industry has always been amongst the first to pick up on new trends and ideas. It is no surprise then that many online casinos accept bitcoins. There are even talks in the pipeline to open online casinos that will only deal in cryptocurrencies.

⎯ Speciality online casinos are now a thing and on the rise. While people do enjoy having options, diehard fans of slots, for example, can join an online casino that has nothing but thousands of different slot games to choose from.

⎯ The biggest online casino win till date lies with a Finnish citizen who played a 25-cent bet on Mega Fortune and walked away with a cool $24 million. In a previous instance, reported that Jon Heywood won £13.2 million from a 25p bet. Jon spent is winnings on taking care of his family and splurged a little on himself by buying a new car and other fun things.

⎯ At present, male players dominate online gambling. More than 80% of gamblers are men, although more and more women are joining every year.

⎯ Of the total number of internet users in the world, 11% are active gamblers. While slots are extremely popular, online poker is a favourite amongst the active players.

⎯ The age group that predominantly plays at online casinos consists of individuals 30 years and above.

⎯ While Microgaming developed the first online casino game, Playtech conceived the now popular live dealer games.

⎯ Just like land-based casinos favour their regulars and high-roller, online casinos have loyalty points and clubs for their returning patrons.

⎯ Contrary to popular belief, individuals cannot count cards while playing Blackjack online. The system shuffles the entire set of cards after each play of the hand, making the game fair for everyone involved.

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