Top 10 Gifts for a Nerd in Your Life

Everyone has at least one nerdy friend who's extremely difficult to shop for. Whether that's because they have a very unique taste, or they already have all the nerdy gadgets and decorations that they could possibly want.

And while it's difficult to pick a gift for these friends, it's not impossible. All it takes is a bit of knowledge about their interests and some creativity.

So, let's take a look at some of the best nerdy gifts for any occasion, be it birthday parties, holidays, housewarming presents, or anything in between.

  Retro Cube Speaker

8BitDo has created a retro NES Cube Speaker that can be a perfect gift for any gamer out there. The design mimics the NES controller and is actually fully functional. The left and right pads serve to raise and lower the volume, the upper pad turns the speaker off, while the lower one pauses it.

The speaker is wireless Bluetooth, and also has an AUX input.

  BS Button

Those looking for a gag gift and a few laughs should get the BS Button for their nerdy friend. Essentially, it's a big red button that allows the user to call out BS without saying a word. When pressed, it makes some interesting statements, including "That Was BS!" and "BS Detected, Take Precautions."

This funny gift is perfect for the know-it-all nerd in your life.

  LED Name Tag

An LED Name Tag is ideal for nerds in the business world. To control the name tag, the user needs an app on their iOS or Android device, and they're good to go.

The tag has some interesting features. When connected to a smartphone, it can use its microphone to detect the surrounding music and have LEDs beat to it. Users can input text, create pictures, and even animations.

  USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

For a nerdy gentleman, USB Flash Drive cufflinks might just be the perfect gift, whether it's his birthday, wedding, or he's received a promotion.

The cufflinks are of high quality and can be an excellent accessory that matches any suit, while the working flash drive can hold up to 32 GB of memory. They come in an elegant box, ready for any gift-giving season.

  YubiKey 5 NFC

Another excellent tech gadget that everyone should use, not just the nerdy internet addicts. YubiKey 5 NFCensures better cybersecurity by offering bullet-proof two-factor authentication.

It's a small USB device that can be popped onto a keychain, or even worn as a pendant, making it excellent for nerdy boys and girls alike.

The device can be registered with hundreds of services, and users can protect their online accounts by inserting the key into their computer (or tapping it on an NFC-enabled Android or iOS device) to gain access during the login.

  VPN Subscription

Speaking of helping a nerdy friend improve their cybersecurity, there's no better gift than a VPN subscription.

A VPN serves as an excellent cybersecurity precaution, as it encrypts and hides a device's connection to a network, making it impossible for outsiders to intercept the connection and cause harm.

Besides, the VPN offers many other benefits, allowing users to bypass internet censorship, gain unrestricted access to all internet content, and much more. It greatly improves any streaming experience, as some of them have features dedicated to it, like NordVPNs SmartPlay.

Any nerdy friend would appreciate such a gift.

  3D-Printed Fantasy Series Character

3D printing technology is becoming more and more accessible, and almost anyone can afford to 3D print a miniature replica of almost anything.

Have a friend who's a huge Game of Thrones fan? Order a 3D printed Drogon desk lamp. Or ask for a replica of the Iron Throne. The sky's the limit.

  Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays

Star Wars has been a popular franchise for decades. Those who've been fans of the series since their childhood would greatly appreciate the Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays. It fun, and practical, giving nerdy friends the chance to refresh themselves this summer while binge-watching their favorite franchise.

  You Shall Not Pass Doormat

Any nerdy, introverted Lord of the Rings fan will absolutely love the You Shall Not Pass Doormat. With a nice little silhouette of Gandalf and the humorous writing, this makes for a perfect housewarming gift.

  Comic Book DIY Gift

A little bit of glue, some scissors, and a touch of creativity, and it's easy to create a comic book-inspired gift. Glue comic-book cutouts on a picture frame, decorative box, even shoes, and watch the nerdy friend excitedly opening the gift.

  The Bottom Line

Whether it's Star Wars ice trays, BS button, or a VPN subscription, any nerdy friend will love these creative gifts. 

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