The Ugly Truth About Online Dating - An Honest Breakdown

The Ugly Truth About Online Dating - An Honest Breakdown
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Love is a need for everyone. furthermore, we crave love and continuously send out mating calls consciously or otherwise. We usually meet the person we are meant to partner up within social circles, normally at school or work. 

Everyone won't be lucky-or at least that is how it was. Now we can market ourselves in a market of suitors. We would love to make the world a place where you can love freely, where you find nests and pour out little bundles of joy. Yes, to be truthful, online dating is all about making babies.

However, the ugly truth is that instant gratification monetization has changed online dating. It has turned into a business that connects people who want instant sexual gratification to people who are willing to meet the demand. 

Now, many ads come up when you are browsing randomly. They will guide you into a portal of the web that you never knew existed. In fact, you can pretty much ask for the strangest fetish and have that on your screen instantly. You will find more stories on these and other random stuff in many sites online.

For People Who Truly Want To Date Online

Don't worry, for those who are still looking for true online dating. Actually, you can have a house full of babies with a stranger off the internet who is either loaded or very attractive. You don't have to pay a dollar for true online dating, either. 

Rather, use the tools that have made your family and friends an organogram of information to constantly inspire you. You know what I am talking about: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and maybe even Youtube. These are free services that connect you with people across the globe in a unique way. In fact, there are cases of people meeting this way without their stories told. 

An Economic Point Of View

Maslow made a chart once that covered the basic needs and wants that get you to a state of mind that is most productive. In fact, mating is way up there. People who are isolated from society are at risk of dying. Sadly, they might not survive. Now, they can find mates if they know how to market themselves truthfully. 

It's ok to simply be with another person, but the idea is to mate. That means showing the other person your entire self at some point. Honestly, you won't hide much at the end of your days together. Economics orders you to have sex and make babies for the world to go around.

The Best Way To Date

An honest depiction of self is the ultimate tool in your battle to find a mate. Start making friends, and have heartfelt conversations. However, there will be scammers out there to take your money. 

You can lie about who you are and lure in innocent victims for money and everything else they have. What you have to look for is honest friends and not lovers. The market has traps for lovers. The number of friends and scammers is less than that of lovers.

Males and Females in Online Dating

The web is full of people creating trails of information that can be tracked. Scammers don't get far with their crimes unless they are petty crimes. Some specialize in scamming people. 

Men are mostly the victim as men lead in demanding digital contact. Females have a better chance of getting a mate online. Their problem is potential predators. Be very careful about the trail of information that you leave.

A Male Point of View

Dating sites will lead you to entertainers who do not want to have babies with you. They will certainly entertain you legally, and you will have to pay a lot for it. Some people can afford it and don't even mind. Others have their hearts torn.

A Female Point of View

Dating sites are full of people who want to see you exposed. In fact, they want to see you doing things that are odd if not vulgar. Then, there are those romantic charmers who want to know everything about you, especially your address.

You will definitely find friends who are happy to be there for you. One of them might even end up being your man. Be safe out there.

Marketing Yourself

If you open up a free social media account, you will have the option to add friends. The objective is to wield as much valuable information from each contact you connect with. To do this, be yourself, complete. Show the good in you and do odd favors for others. You are looking for a long-term connection, so be yourself. 

If you are a girl, marketing yourself won't be that difficult. Post frequently to see all who are following you. Post things that you find desirable in men and make them compete. Just, be smart with privacy.

The Ugliest Truth About Online Dating

There are a lot of children out there in an online sea of predators. Some guys are so sex-crazed and go for younger and younger to reduce competition. 

Then there is a full-throttle pedophile. The internet has become the predator's favorite hunting grounds for actual physical contact. Please make sure that your child surfs and chats safely until they grow up. To help with this, use parental controls on the computer and block websites you know could be dangerous for them. Teach them internet safety as early as possible.


Mating is crucial in spreading genes. Sadly, preditors and scammers make it hard for the truly faithful. You need to be honest with who you are, but you also can't leave a trail of information that can put you in danger. The Internet has a lot of dating sites, but it's better to use social networks that and avoid the dating approach to dating. 

Play it safe, look for friends, and take it from there. Guys should market themselves with the long run in mind. On the other hand, girls have space to be fickle. For both, online publication and communication skills are very important. The truth will guide you to your lover.

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