Amazing Pixie Cut Looks For 2020

Short, Messy, and Edgy Looks with Pixie Cut Styles

Generally, a pixie cut a short hairstyle for women, and you might have seen it worn by gamine women. For the tomboys outside there, this is the trendiest haircut in 2020 that you should embrace, especially when paired with a mid-crop. Apparently, you are going to let go of some of your manes, but the style you get you will wonder why you didn't consider it a long time ago. The style is an entirely wake-and-go look that enhances edginess, and it will give lots of compliments wherever you go. 

The modern pixie haircuts are complemented with short and edgy side fringe or extended side bangs. They are updated by pairing with blunt and spiky layers. In some cases, if you need, you can pair your pixie cut with undercuts. The contrast created by styling extended locks on top and short hair on the back and sides is amazing and something to be proud of when you choose a pixie haircut. However, as far as these additions in a pixie hairstyle are concerned, the greatest idea for rocking an amazing pixie cut is choosing a stylish hue. This is the right time. Here are fashionable pixie hairstyles you may want to start this year with. Take a gander.

1. Short Bluntly Parted Pixie.

Even if you have extra short manes, the length would be insignificant if you style long hair on top and pair it with layers. Add sided part to create a statement with your pixie cut if you have a square face shape. This haircut will give you an impression of a longer face that is really flattery.

2. Angled Bob and Cute Layers.

An appropriate haircut will enhance your facials aspects. So, if that is what you what to achieve with the hairstyle you choose, then you should opt for a layered pixie cut. The hairstyle brings out the best of your facial features excellently, as well as the angle of your jawline. 

3. Shaggy Tapered Pixie.

One of the best styling ideas when it comes to pixie cuts is styling it messy. The look might appear haphazardly done at first glance, yet in the real sense, the layers are styled in a strategic manner.

4. Bangs with an Undercut.

Contemporary short pixie haircuts are not trimmed evenly. The shaved portions are styled on the sides near the ears and then topped with medium length hair. Addition of blonde shade to the hair leaving shaved sections tale this charming look to a new level. The subtle undercut makes the look completely out of this world.

5. Sleek Pixie for Fine Hair.

Sleek in texture and soft in shade, this stylish pixie cut doesn't look to be styled here on earth. It is ideal for ladies with delicately thin tresses. For a more fashionable look, side part the hair and comb it after the blow-dry. Backcomb the hair on top, and you will be ready for unlimited complements.

6. Extended Curly Pixie.

Many people believe that it is hard to style a pixie cut if you have curly hair. This haircut proves this misconception wrong and shows that ladies with curly hair can look great on pixie haircuts. However, there is one aspect that we cannot deny'; styling a pixie haircut with curly hair is not easy. You need to look for a stylist who understands what she is doing.

7. Choppy Pixie with a Fade.

This pixie cut is made unique and amazing by the combination of choppy pale blue layers and blurred manes at the bottom. It is great to keep hair away from your neck. As long as you are interested in short haircuts, this one would be ideal for achieving that. 

8. Imperfect Pixie.

 A pixie cut doesn't have to be perfect. This is a great look for those who just want to wake up and go. And for those who rarely have time to style their hair, this one will prove quite essential for them. 

Taking some styling product such as a pomade or styling gel and running it through your manes will not take more than five minutes, and you get a look that no one will know that you spend only a minute to achieve.

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