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Keeping your skin healthy is one of the most important things to do. The skin serves as the protective layer of our body. Whether or not you are always exposed outside under the sun, it is vital to keep your skin from overexposure. Thus, you need to have a powerful lotion for your skin.

It is always best to get a lotion that is lightweight but is heavy-duty when it comes to protecting your skin from dangerous UV rays and dirt. Lotions are made to cover the skin with a layer that protects it. It also keeps the skin bright and glowing despite you being under the sun all day. 

If you're looking for a lotion that will not only keep your skin protected but also let you look your best, CT+ lotions are a must-have. This brand has been providing its customers with quality lotions for their skin. Many have also testified that the lotion is indeed effective. So, if you're thinking of getting a lotion from CT+, here are their best-sellers.


This is CT+ best and top-selling lotion. According to customers who have used it, the product is one of the best lotions you can get in the market today. Compared to other lotion brands, CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Lotion works on all skin types. It is also safe for skin which has acne. You can immediately see results in as fast as seven days. You will also notice that your skin will get two shades lighter. By the end of the first month of using the product, you will achieve five shades lighter. 

#mce_temp_url#CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Lotion 500mL

CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Lotion is also favored because of its capability to eliminate sunburns and hyperpigmentations. Such skin issues will be gone in as fast as two weeks of using the product. That is how effective the lotion is. 

CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Cream with Carrot Oil 

CT + is a cream formula developed for issues with pigmentation. A unifying action of the highly concentrated CT+ enables you to have a flawless complexion. Results are visible after just ten days! Apply twice a day after a bath or shower. This cream also helps cure acne and eliminate dark spots on your face.

CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Cream with Carrot Oil 400mL

CT+ Extra Lightening Cream with Plant Extracts

This is the same as CT+ Extra Lightening Cream with Carrot Oil, but instead of carrot oil, it has plant extracts with it. CT+ is a cream formula developed for pigmentation problems. Results are visible after JUST 10 DAYS! The plant extracts will leave your skin smooth, clear, and lighter. This is one of the best skin creams in the market and is totally worth the price. The extracts also help eliminate acne and dark spots. You can use this cream either day or night, whichever you prefer. For best results, buy the CT+ set, including the soap, to achieve more glowing and brighter skin. 

CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Cream with Plant Extracts 400mL


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