Best Portable Dance Poles for 2020

Pole dancing is a good exercise activity and sport. If you're looking for the best portable spinning dance pole in the market, here are some of the best-rated brands you can get. 

Pro-Fit 45mm Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole Extension

This extension will only work on the Original Pro-Fit 45mm Dance Pole. Take your Pro-Fit Dance Pole to new heights up to 9 feet 6 inches. It does not include a connector piece; this is the extension only as it utilizes your original pole connections. Supports weights up to 250 pounds (113 kg.) 

Pro Fit 45mm Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole

Take your Pro-Fit 45mm Dance Pole to new heights. The Pro-Fit dance pole is a truly professional dance pole for all skill levels to use at home. You can quickly and easily set-up, take-down, and transport this spinning pole, which also offers a non-spinning mode. This portable pole can be installed without a ladder or any tools and support up to 250 pounds without screws. Unlike the traditional spring-loaded poles, the Pro-Fit uses unique Pro-joint technology. This enables you to use the pole without screwing it into the ceiling. This unique Pro-joint technology allows for all levels of dancers to use without risk of the pole collapsing. This ensures a safe, secure workout.

ColorShop Pro Dancing Pole 45mm Portable Spinning Sport

With a measurement of 1.77" (45mm), this pole is used by the professionals. It is all metal-constructed and is sturdy enough to dance anywhere. Finished in the ideal finish for pole - High grade electroplated chrome. This pole is extendable from 87 13/16" (2230mm) to 108 7/10" (2745mm). max. load weight for this dancing pole is 440lbs. Try pole dancing with this professional portable dance pole. This portable pole will have you twisting and turning in minutes. It is made of chrome-plated stainless steel and has a diameter of 45 millimeters. Install it anywhere in the home. You can easily switch between static and spinning modes. It also has an adjustable height. Perform or get fit with the dance pole that is an ideal combination.

Colorshop Pro Dance Pole 45mm Dancing Fitness Portable Static Spinning Sport Gym

Nouva 45mm Professional Stripper Dance Pole

The rods are made of high-quality chrome-plated steel, very strong, and the surface is rust-proof. It can hold 440 pounds. It is guaranteed sturdy and durable. Height is adjustable from 88.58" to 92.91". Includes 2 optional extensions: 5.51" and 10.24". Maximum height is 108.66". With two large support poles at both ends, providing additional stability for the pole and ensuring that it does not slip accidentally during use. There is no ceiling device, easy to lift. Just install or disassemble according to the instructions. Easy to store and save space.  For beginner, professional pole dancer or pole fitter. It can be placed in a home, club, bar, or gym.

Nouva 45mm Professional Stripper Dance Pole

ZenStyle Spinning Stripping Pole Dancin Poles 

An excellent choice for fitness health. These stripe dancing poles are the same as the professional dancers use on the stage or in the dance room. You can completely enjoy a pole dance at home in a new and exciting way while exercising muscles in all parts of the body and enhance coordination. All the poles are removable. Height is adjustable from 88.58" to 92.91".And includes two extensions:5.51" and 10.24" for your optional choice. Maximum height can be up to 108.66". Double width pole support dome, spreads the load/pressure evenly on the ceiling, can loading maximum weight 200kg/440lbs.Its dual-pole design characterizes the dancing poles. It takes easily converts between spinning and static. Just tighten the bottom clamping screw or remove it. All the premium parts make sure it rotates smoothly, like a charm.

ZenStyle Spinning Dance Stripping Pole


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