How to Use Instagram to Draw Traffic to Your Website?

How to Use Instagram to Draw Traffic to Your Website?
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One of the best marketing tactics for your brand or business is to understand how you can drive traffic from your Instagram account to your website. Instagram has numerous features and tools to help you grow your business. By following the right strategies, Instagram can be your fast-pass ticket to generating more clicks and conversions.

Tips for Drawing Traffic to Your Website

Using Instagram as a business profile is useless if you do not bring at least some audience to your website. Below, we will discuss how you can divert your Instagram users to your website effectively and easily:

1. Adding Links Throughout your Profile

On your Instagram account, you have the option to add a link in your bio. This is the only place where you can add direct links, so you should seize this opportunity. Your bio should always include the link to where you want to divert your audience. 

Most businesses go wrong when they simply add their web site's homepage and leave it for eternity. In contrast, you should frequently update the bio link with a particular page and various products. For instance, if you are offering a black Friday sale on your product, add the link of the page that includes all the deals for that period.

Also, add the link to the product that you recently added to a post on your Instagram profile. Then, you should add a phrase like 'link in bio' to increase engagement and attract interested people.

2. Making Use of Insights

You may not know, but Instagram offers an in-depth analytics solution so that you can promote your brand right. You can avail of a wealth of information about your audience with the built-in Instagram Insight tool. With this information, you will know how much interaction your posts receive and how many times your audience visits a particular link.

Furthermore, you will also know at what time your audience is active, so you can post your content at peak times. As you know that Facebook owns Instagram, you will find most of the same features to promote your brand and products on social media. 

Going Creative with Instagram Stories

Many businesses do not focus on their Instagram stories and often overlook. However, you can excellently promote your content through Instagram stories. With stories, you can link your website and increase the traffic easily.  Users just have to swipe up on the story to visit the site. 

But if you want to activate this feature on your Instagram story, your account should be verified first. You can also unlock this feature when you have a reach of at least 10,000 followers. You can use various techniques to increase your followers quickly. 


Instagram is a popular social media network for expanding your business to new users. The above methods can help you draw traffic to your website, eventually increasing your conversion rate. Also, keep in mind that size of your Instagram following matters a lot when you are trying to promote your brand website. There are various methods to increase your followers and audience reach. The best way is to buy automatic Instagram likes on your posts.

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