Best Tub Letters and Numbers on Amazon

Small children need to learn their alphabet and learning how to count their numbers. Thus, it is always best to start early. Teach your kids the ABCs and 123s with these best selling tub letters and numbers in the market today!

Comfylife 2 Mesh Bath Toy Organizer 36 Bath Letters and Numbers

You don't have to worry about mold getting into your babies' toys because this tub of bath letters and numbers come in durable mesh net bags that are ideal for water activities and bath time. The letters and numbers will be squeaky clean and soap-free by the end of the swimming or bath session because the mesh net will be draining all the water from the letters and numbers. It also comes with powerful suction cups that can be used to lock the mesh bags while being hanged in the bathroom. It will not fall off, and it securely sticks to the wall for a long time.

The suction cups are flat and even, and the package also comes with four double-sided replacement suction pads for you to replace once the suction cups get old. This tub of letters and numbers come in 36 pieces. With 26 alphabet letters and numbers from 0-9. This is the perfect bath toy set you can get for your babies and toddlers, and they can even learn counting and the alphabet even during bath time.

Comfylife 2 x Mesh Bath Toy Organizer Bath Letters and Numbers

Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers

These letters and numbers from the Munchkin brand come in 26 letters complete from A to Z and numbers 0-9. The material of this set is non-toxic foam, which is safe to use for children and babies. The letters and numbers are easy to clean after bath time, and since it is made of foam, you can just squeeze the remaining water from the foam letters and numbers and let it air dry outside your home or backyard. This is the perfect bath time toy you can get your children that they will surely enjoy. 

Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers

Alex Bath ABC Stickers in the Tub

You can now let your kids learn about the alphabet even when they are in the bathtub! Let them spell their words in mind or stuff they can find in the bathroom with this set of letters from Alex. The package comes with 26 alphabet letters from A to Z that is both fun and educational for kids and toddlers. Learn ABCs with your little ones and even leave messages and words for the day that they can learn. The letter stickers are packaged in a mesh bag, and it comes with suction cups for you to easily hang and stick to the wall after playing. This is recommended for children 2 years old and above.

Alex Bath ABC Stickers in the Tub Kids Bath Activity

Latte Decorative Magnetic EVA Alphabet Letters/Arabic Numerals 

These magnetic alphabet letters and numerals are made of soft EVA magnetic material that will stick to all types of metallic-surface. The letters measure about one by 1 inch, which is all in mini sizes. The letters are practical and convenient to use when leaving notes on the fridge or anywhere in the house. The letters and numbers can also be used to teach kids how to spell and count and let them familiarize the alphabet. This is perfect for small kids, toddlers, and school kids who are still starting to develop learning skills. 

Lzttyee Decorative Magnetic EVA Alphabet Letters


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