Guide On Traveling To Seoul On A College Budget

Guide On Traveling To Seoul On A College Budget

Aesthetics of metropolis attracts many people. If you've never been to Seoul, you must visit this high-tech city and evaluate its size firsthand. Semester break is a great chance to explore new countries and places, and wasting it would be a huge mistake, although you may do it at any time. You get one life and shouldn't miss any opportunity to live it to the full. If you worry that the trip will harm your studying, order assignments from Advanced Writers. Read review to familiarize yourself with the range of services and make sure that the company is reliable.

Traveling is considered to be expensive, but we'll prove to you the opposite. Be sure that you've set by enough money just in case and read this guide.

1. Book cheap tickets

June and July is a high season in Korea, so don't take a trip during these months. Spend some time on finding low-cost carriers offering cheap plane tickets. Usually, travelers spend most of their money on the flight. Of course, the price depends on how far from Korea you live. If you can't find cheap tickets, postpone your trip and find a job to earn some money. Use professional writing services to deal with assignments and devote all your time to implementing your dream. Find the company, leave them a message like "write the essay for me" and get good grades for all your tasks.

2. Buy Discover Seoul Pass

After arriving in Seoul, you'll have to look for a way to get to the center. And, in general, you'll have to move around the city to visit its landmarks. If you want to save money, you must buy Seoul Pass, that's simultaneously transportation card and tour pass card. It lets you visit many sites and even those with expensive entrance fees cheaper.

3. Choose the district to stay

The dream of each traveler is to find the apartments in the district that'll let him or her visit the most famous landmarks and tourist shops. Seoul has three such districts: Jongno is a historic district that's full of ancient temples and sites. Myeongdong is the main shopping center (but goods and souvenirs here are usually overpriced), and Hongdae-Sinchon is a great district for students and youth at all.

It's always better to learn more about the country where you want to stay. Spare no time to read several articles and blog posts about it. Be sure that you'll learn valuable information and use them in your further studying. Nevertheless, experts from PaperCoach are always ready to assist you.

4. Book the apartments

You're free to choose the place to stay. It can be a hotel room, hostel or motel. We advise you to pay attention to the following hotels and guestrooms:

  • Youngbin hotel.
  • Hostel HARU.
  • Staz Hotel Myeongdong II.
  • YE4 Guesthouse.

Hostels and guesthouses are the cheapest and can cost you between $20-$50 per night. Finding the apartments on Airbnb is also worth trying. The chance to find a lovely home located near the center is high enough.

5. Enjoy your time in Seoul

Visit museums, try local food in cafes, and don't forget to eat street snacks. Since there are many free museums and cheap cafes. If you want to buy some goods, do it in subways shops and stores that are located in university districts. Take the time to find out about free activities that are popular in Seoul.

This country is truly worth visiting. Hire an expert from Essay pro and take a trip against the odds.

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