How Michael Everest DeMarco New Orleans Beat the Odds in Hollywood

How Michael Everest DeMarco New Orleans Beat the Odds in Hollywood
(Photo : How Michael Everest DeMarco New Orleans Beat the Odds in Hollywood)

Making it as a model or actor can appear like an impossible task for some. While everyone has levels of aspirations at some point in their life, few can see it through like Michael Everest DeMarco. As a child, he was able to gain recognition as a model and actor locally and in Hollywood. The New Orleans native found a way to showcase his talent, and that ultimately led to an impressive resume before ever reaching the voting age.

How did he beat the odds and make it in Hollywood? There was some luck involved like with any actor or actress, but making the most of his opportunities helped different goals along the way.

Initial Discovery

Modeling is considered a major pathway for anyone who has acting aspirations. That was the case for Michael Everest DeMarco New Orleans as well. He started with some local opportunities, and that is where Everest gained a reputation for being very patient and willing to listen to feedback when modeling. His distinctive features and ethnicity helped him stand out at first, but it was his overall professionalism as a youngster that kept him in demand over the rest of the crowd.

As satisfying as modeling was for Everest, he knew that it was not the final goal for him. In fact, it took him a while, but he was finally able to figure out that what he really wanted to do was an act.

Honing His Craft

Actors do not walk on any set and become outstanding from the very beginning. Everest and his family understood that to be competitive in one of the most competitive fields out there, education and work ethic became extremely important. This meant spending a lot of time working with professionals, as well as putting in hours after the fact.

His professional acting education started with both method acting and Stanislavski methods. Taught by Sal Dano from the Actor's Studio in Los Angeles, he received high praise for his dedication to the craft. He was able to gain the skills necessary and the added confidence to go into auditions ready to make a statement.

The theater was the first focus, as he landed prominent roles in the Golden Boy and Shakespeare's Richard III. Theater felt natural to DeMarco, allowing him to grow as an individual. A few other opportunities came his way, but the film started becoming more enticing as well.

Breaking through in many entertainment professions is one thing, but a spot on a movie is taking things to another level. When DeMarco appeared in Over the Line in 1992, he finally broke into the industry that enticed him from such an early age. Other memorable roles soon follow, but nothing quite stands out like that first opportunity. The child from New Orleans made it in the big time, and there was no looking back at this point.

Interests Outside Of Entertainment

Acting is a passion for Michael Everest DeMarco, but it is not what defines him. He has always stayed involved in philanthropy to some degree, and it is more important to him than ever before. A humble person by nature, most are unaware that he has an acting career to his name. Instead, he enjoys different passions and interacting with people from all walks of life.

The older he gets, the more focus goes towards the philanthropy side of things. He would not have it any other way, as seeing the joy on the face of others can keep him motivated for years to come. His passion for acting certainly seems like a lifelong goal, but maybe it was philanthropy all this time without realizing it.

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Michael Everest DeMarco, New Orleans

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