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Rami Malek, with his charming personality and incredible talent, has soon become the obsession of almost every other individual. Academy Award winning actor has already so many accolades to his name, yet he has just started. Here are some interesting things to know about the actor:

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  1.  With his Academy Award for Best Actor, for his role as Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Malek became the first actor of Arab and Egyptian descent to be nominated for as well as win the award.
  2.  In the 2016 movie “Buster’s Mal Heart,” his identical twin brother Sami Malek serves as his body double. He even speaks in Spanish for many scenes in the movie.
  3.  He landed the leading role of Freddie Mercury in the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody,” as the producers were impressed with his performance in “Mr. Robot.” It was also said that his jawline reminded the producers of the Mercury.
  4.  Before the filming of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Malek sent a video of himself singing, to Queen, but they were not able to watch it, as it had not been downloaded properly.
  5.  He got to see the firsthand reaction of the band members to his singing, when he finally met them for the first time at Abbey Road Studios. He was actually running late, and had to race up the stairs.
  6.  On his way up the stairs, he saw an autographed picture of Queen, and felt as if “Freddie Mercury was looking at him straight in the eye, and tell him “Don’t do this.” He claimed that “it really felt inspiring.”
  7.  During the filming of “Mr. Robot,” the main cast along with the creator Sam Esmail, attended hacking seminars as a part of the preparation for their respective roles. Malek also took on a typing instructor in an effort to prepare for his scenes involving programming.
  8. Malek actually underwent 50 hours of costume fittings with designer Julian Day, for his role as Freddie Mercury, which involved 4-inch platform sole shoes, array of skintight satin pants, to wig for every single scene.
  9.  It has been reported that he has approximately a total of 70-75 different costumes in the theatrical cuts of the movie. This is the exact opposite of his role as Elliot Alderson in “Mr.Robot,” in which he wears only one costume throughout.
  10.  It has been reported that Malek is or becomes Dr. No in the upcoming James Bond movie “No Time To Die,” though nothing has officially been confirmed.
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  12.  During the filming of his movie “The Pacific,” he found it really difficult to separate himself from his character PFC Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton, which led to some serious mental anguish for him, and had to undergo therapy.
  13.  In an effort to perfect every nuance of Freddie Mercury’s mannerisms in the 2018 movie “Bohemian Rhapsody,” he worked with choreographer and movement coach Polly Bennett.
  14.  The duo worked painstakingly to get every eye glance, every cocky strut, every turn and even the flick of microphone perfectly. He had to learn to talk with prosthetic teeth.
  15.  He was asked to study Liza Minnelli in “Cabaret,” along with the performances of David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Aretha Franklin, as they were the key inspiration for Mercury’s style of performing on stage.
  16.  Malek for his role as Elliot in “Mr. Robot,” used to crush vitamin B pills, for the scenes in which he had to sniff morphine. He used to have a special device hidden in his sleeve to vacuum the powder.
  17.  It was also reported that he used to prank his people off-set by lining up extraordinarily long lines of powder and sniff it in front of them.
  18.  In celebration of the release of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” he was featured on the cover of “GQ” Middle East magazine’s launch issue, as Egypt is his ancestral home.
  19.  During the filming of “Mr. Robot,” he would often set up pranks on his co-stars and other crew members on-set. Once, he had decorated Carly Chaikin’s trailer with gummi bears, as it was the favorite candy of her character Darlene.
  20.  He was fitted with special prosthetic teeth for his role as Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” in an effort to recreate Freddie’s prominent overbite.
  21.  Just as the filming of “Bohemian Rhapsody” was completed, Malek got the prosthetic teeth cast in gold, and kept it as a memento from the shoot.
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  23.  The black hoodie that his character Elliot Alderson sports in “Mr. Robot,” is actually from his own personal wardrobe.
  24.  Since he started using his own hoodie for the show, the brand B:Scott had to make twenty identical hoodies for the show. Still, Malek claimed that the other hoodies were not as comfortable as his own.
  25.  In the scene in which Freddie Mercury plays the now-famous Bohemian Rhapsody piano intro, while lying together with Mary Austin, Malek actually played the correct notes exactly in order. This was quite a difficult feat to achieve, as he had to play it unseen, upside down and backward.
  26.  He was offered the role of Elliot Alderson in “Mr. Robot” as creator Sam Esmail’s then-girlfriend Emmy Rossum had been impressed with his performance in “The Pacific,” and recommended him for the role.
  27.  He grew close to his co-stars Ben Hardy, Joseph Mazzello and Gwilym Lee, during the rehearsals for the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody.” And their friendship developed even more during the production.
  28.  The actors claim that despite living in different parts of the world, they have been communicating every single day, and meet up at least once in a few weeks.
  29.  Malek, Mazzello, Lee and Hardy had only six weeks to prepare for the Queens’s entire 21-minute Live Aid set, at the start of principal photography.
  30.  Although the show “Mr. Robot” was too much into technology, Malek decided to not engage in any social media such as Twitter or Instagram, claiming it to be too polarizing.
  31.  During the audition for his role as PFC Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton in “The Pacific,” he noticed a older gentleman running the camera. It was only midway through his audition that he realized it was actually Steven Spielberg behind the camera.
  32.  He is the second actor, born after 1979 to have won an acting Academy Award, after Eddie Redmayne for his role in “The Theory of Everything.”
  33.  Rami Malek Net Worth: $8 Million

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