30 Enticing Facts About Evan Peters That Will Make You Love Him More

Evan Peters
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Evan Peters, one of the heartthrobs in the television industry, has come along a far way, since his start with the commercials. Millions of people have been going crazy for him, and his action sequences from the “X-Men” franchise, are some of the most watched videos on YouTube. The man, who is famous for playing mad, scary, chilling, and disturbed characters in the “AHS” series, is actually a guy who loves comedy in real life. Here are some interesting things about the actor, that will make you fall in love with him more:

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  1.  Initially, he was supposed to reprise his role as Todd Hayness in the 2013 movie “Kick-Ass 2,” the sequel to “Kick-Ass” but he had to turn it down, due to scheduling conflicts.
  2.  He has been featured in the commercials for various brands such as Sour Patch Kids, Kellogg, Sony’s PlayStation, Progressive Insurance,, Albertsons and Papa John’s Pizza.
  3.  Peters claimed that he was originally set to play the role of Tristan in an “American Horror Story” season, but director Ryan Murphy had other plans.
  4.  In the very last minute, Murphy wanted him to play the role of Mr. March, following which the character of March, had to be rewritten to fit Peters, as it was initially supposed to be a forty years old guy.
  5.  Evan Thomas Peters was born on January 20, 1987, to Phil Peters and Julie Peters, in St. Louis, Missouri. He has an older brother Andrew Peters and a paternal half-sister Michelle.
  6.  He grew up in Grand Blanc, Michigan and his father is a vice president of administration for the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.
  7.  He went to Grand Blanc Community High School, but did not graduate, as he moved with his mother to Los Angeles, at the age of 15, to purse his acting career.
  8.  He went to Burbank High School, as a sophomore, but discontinued it to start homeschooling classes.
  9.  He was chosen by producer Michael Picchiottino for the role of Adam Sheppard in the film “Clipping Adam,” in his second audition.
  10.  His performance in the movie was well received by the critics, and he was awarded the “Best Breakthrough Performance Award” at the Phoenix Film Festival.
  11. Evan Peters PaleyFest 2014

  12.  During the filming of “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” his character Quicksilver’s scenes were filmed in a special format of 3600 frames per second, recording close-ups and movements of Peters as well as the guards he was fighting with.
  13.  From 2010 to 2011, he was romantically involved with socialite Pixie Geldof. After the break-up with Geldof, he was dating Alexandra Breckenridge for a while. He was also in a relationship with actress Alexia Quinn from 2011 to 2012.
  14.  It was actually at the end of the filming of the final episode of the “Invasion” TV series, that Peters got his very first tattoo, in the year 2005.
  15.  He reportedly has two tattoos, the word "Mom" in all capital letters on his left bicep and a small, red "thumbs up" sign on the outside of his right hand.
  16.  His role as Quicksilver in the “WandaVision,” is popularly believed to be the same Quicksilver aka Peter Maximoff from 20th Century Fox's X-Men films.
  17.  However, it is not the case, as he is just an ordinary guy named Ralph Bohmer, who was actually turned into an illusive Pietro by Agatha.
  18.  Throughout the entire movie of “Sleepover,” his character of Russell is never referred to by the name, instead is only referred to as the “Spongebob.”
  19.  He met Emma Roberts on the sets of the 2013 movie “Adult Movie.” He had initially thought of her to be “so weird” and did not even speak to her during the shooting of the entire movie.
  20.  It was only after the filming was wrapped, that Evan sent the first message to her. The duo started dating in 2012.
  21.  However, just a year later, during their stay at a hotel in Montreal, Quebac, Canada, they were involved in a “heated argument,” which led to the duo even hitting each other.
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  23.  Roberts was arrested on basis of domestic violence, but Peters was not arrested as Roberts did not have any visible injuries.
  24.  Peters did not want to press charges, following which Roberts was released. The couple later revealed that it was “an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding,” and that they are working together to move past it.
  25.  In March 2014, Peters and Roberts announced that they were engaged. However, nearly five years later, the couple ended their engagement.
  26.  Peter took up piano classes during his childhood days. Even today, he would try to practice for a couple hours a day, as he finds it to be really soothing.
  27.  His character Quicksilver’s most famous scene – Xavier School run, from “X-Men: Apocalypse,” actually lasts just three minutes, but it took them twenty days to film the entire scene.
  28.  During the filming of the sex scene in the “American Horror Story’s” “Coven,” his character was supposed to be shirtless, but he was not, due to the tattoo on his hand.
  29.  Peters was involved in a romantic relationship with the American singer Halsey (Ashley Nicolette Frangipane,) since September 2019. However, in early 2020, the couple confirmed that their relationship has ended.
  30.  For his very first role as Adam Sheppard, in “Clipping Adam,” he had to film the entire movie wearing a wig, as his hair was short at the time of filming.
  31.  Initially, in the “Adult Movie,” Ritchie Hoffman was supposed to play his role, in the name “Manny,” but when Peters bagged the role, the name was changed to “Alex.”
  32.  His various roles in the “American Horror Story” franchise has earned him nominations from several academies such as the “Gold Derby Awards,” Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards,” and also the “Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA.”
  33.  Evan Peters Net Worth: $5 Million

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