CBD Oil For Dogs And The Toxicity Of High THC Products

CBD Oil For Dogs And The Toxicity Of High THC Products
(Photo : Pixabay) CBD Oil For Dogs And The Toxicity Of High THC Products

As more humans are reaping the benefits of CBD oil, they are also considering the prospects it could offer to their canine companions.  Not much research has been done, but CBD oil is currently considered to be quite safe for dogs. It can also assist with several health issues, ranging from allergies to cancer.  

However, the cannabinoid industry is still quite unregulated when it comes to pets, which implies that many owners are buying the wrong products or are paying too much for it.  

Research indicated that cats metabolize cannabidiol differently than dogs, as dogs seem to absorb it better. Even though cats and dogs' bodies produce endocannabinoids naturally.  The specific ingredient of cannabis that provides the 'high' is called THC.  Learn more about the cannabis compound THC here:  

Ways To Administer CBD Oil To Dogs

It seems that, similar to humans, different CBD products have different effects on pets' bodies.  Researchers are still unsure whether CBD interacts similarly with both dogs' and humans' endocannabinoid systems.  The only apparent conclusion is that cannabidiol seems to be metabolized by the liver.  

The most obvious way to administer the CBD oil is by adding the drops to their water or food, or even directly into their mouths.  Several pet shops sell chewable treats that are already infused with CBD, which are a tasty snack for dogs.  CBD capsules are usually used for travelling purposes, when fast and accurate dosing is required.  

It would appear that between oils, creams and capsules, oils have the most effective pharmaceutical formulation.  It reached the highest concentration within dogs' bloodstream, remained there the longest and performed the most reliably and consistently with all the dogs that were tested.  You can read more about CBD oil for canines by clicking on the link.  

Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs?

Two canine studies done by the World Health Organization in 2018, indicated an increase in dogs' liver enzyme alkaline phosphatase (ALP) while they were dosed with CBD.  However, it was unclear whether those raised ALP levels were caused by something nonthreatening, and if it could advance into a more serious problem.  

Overall, pure cannabidiol seems to be safe for animal consumption.  Since it is metabolized by the liver. However, owners should be cautious against administering it to dogs that already take other medications that need to be metabolized by their livers.  

Owners also need to control the quality of the products they give to their dogs, as the cannabidiol pet market is still relatively unregulated.  Usually, the more expensive the product is, the better its quality.  

Unfortunately, it is possible that products or treats may contain certain ingredients that are not indicated on the labels.  One of those culprits is THC, which is definitely proven to be toxic to animals.   

The Toxicity Of High THC Products

According to regulations, CBD products should not contain more than 0.3% THC - anything more than that is highly toxic to animals.  Symptoms include trouble standing up, struggling to breathe, diarrhea, fatigue, anxiety and vomiting.  

Owners should be alert to purchase products that are labelled with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which indicates the products' ingredients, additives and strength.  The safest option is to rather buy pet care products that contain 0.0% THC.

Health Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs

Studies and research are still in their pilot stages, but it seems that CBD oil has the following health benefits:

  • Comforting dogs suffering from osteoarthritis
  • Reducing the number of seizures in epileptic dogs
  • Treating and relieving pain after operations
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving heart conditions
  • Reducing nausea
  • Stimulating appetite
  • Relieving anxiety or aggression
  • Possibilities of relieving symptoms of cancer

There are many benefits for pets like cats, dogs, and horses; go here to learn more about the advantages.

How Much CBD Should Be Administered To Dogs?

Veterinarians are not yet allowed to administer, prescribe or even recommend cannabis products to animals; however, owners may ask them for advice.  The only FDA-approved cannabinoid product on the market that veterinarians may currently prescribe is called Epidiolex.  Its CBD content is accurate, unlike most other CBD products available for animals, and can be used to treat epilepsy.  However, it is extremely expensive.  

Even though it may have several health benefits, dogs may suffer from a dry mouth or increased thirst, as cannabidiol may reduce their saliva production.  Too high doses may also briefly cause a drop in their blood pressure, with accompanying dizziness.  Although this product may treat anxiety, its soothing effects can also cause a mild stupor.  

Therefore, it is important that owners first consult with their veterinarians to ensure that the cannabinoids won't interfere with their dogs' other medications.  Owners should also rather start out by giving their dogs small amounts at first, while carefully monitoring the effects, before gradually increasing the dosage if necessary.

Studies indicate that the successful average cannabidiol dosage for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis or epilepsy is between 2-8mg/kg, twice a day.  However, more research is needed to establish the correct dosages for treating other conditions.  

It is also evident that a current effective dose may soon become ineffective as dogs' metabolisms become accustomed to the medication.  The dosage might need to be increased after a while.  Recent studies suggest that even though most products are relatively safe, more research about cannabinoid products for animal use should still be done.

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