How to Keep in Shape While Traveling

While traveling, fitness habits tend to fly out the window, but there is no need to leave your six-pack and toned arms behind with these seven tips for staying healthy while traveling.

1. Bring Your Own Food Whenever Possible

The sole purpose of traveling is to have an escape from the dreadful 9-5 office life. However, it is still integral that travelers are wary of their health during the duration of their vacation. It may seem impossible, but there are ways to satisfy one's hunger while maintaining a low-calorie count in a day.

For instance, you will be prepared and likely save money if you bring packed snacks with a healthy meal selection. It's better to pack foods in single servings that you may split with small, resealable plastic storage bags to minimize overeating. Here are some healthy snack staples that you can bring in any sort of trip:

● Fresh fruits

● Hard-boiled eggs

● Pre-cut vegetables

● Pre-cooked/prepared meats

2. Learn Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

It is fundamental to learn workout routines that you can apply in any situation and location. In this way, you get to remain fit and healthy anytime and anywhere! Here are three of the simplest workouts you can do during your travels:

● Squats: Squats are one of the most common and beneficial exercises that you can perform anywhere. Make sure to have a designated space where you can go from a sitting to a standing position. When in a hotel room, you can do squats in front of the couch. Simply press your back against the sofa and exhale while tightening your glutes.

● Lunges: Walking lunges are fantastic at-home exercises since they allow you to move around the house. It's a great method to get your quads in shape. You can do this by ensuring your front knee is stacked over your front ankle as you sink into your lunge. Subsequently, make a wide stance so that both legs form 90-degree angles when you sink down.

● Planks: Planks are simple, easy to implement, and among the most practical workouts you can do anywhere. All you need to do is to ensure that your body forms a straight line from the top of your head to your toes.

3. Get Creative with Your Fitness Routine

Getting creative with your fitness routine involves immense research. You can add some spice to your fitness system by simply subscribing to your favorite fitness magazines such as men's health, muscle, fitness, or women's health. Jot down all of the cool exercises that you see and implement them into your typical routine.

4. Snack on Granola 

Granola with high-protein and fiber ingredients like almonds, walnuts, and cashews, as well as seeds like hemp, pumpkin, and sesame, helps you feel full. Ghrelin and GLP-1 are key hormones influenced by the quantity of protein in granola. Therefore, snacking on some granola throughout your travels can be extremely beneficial.

5. Walk Instead of Ride When You Can 

Walking is the simplest and most often the cheapest mode of transportation when traveling. Not to mention, walking allows you to appreciate the beauty of the architecture, the culture, and the people around you. This experience sure beats staying in the back seat of a taxi or riding underground in a subway.

6. Drink Lots of Tea

We understand that not making your tea the way you like it in a hotel room is inconvenient, but let's make the best of it. Most hotels include an electric kettle that will make you a wonderful cup of coffee in the morning. If your hotel room does not have a kettle but has a coffee maker, we recommend against using the coffee maker to prepare your tea because it will taste like old coffee. Request that the hotel offer you some hot water in a flask. You will not only get truly warm water, but you will also be able to drink more of your favorite tea because the flask holds more water than a cup.

7. Explore Local Fitness Classes

While traveling, it is always worth it to check out local fitness classes. You get to meet the locals, visit parts of the town that no other tourists have probably discovered, and, more importantly, learn unique forms of exercise. Not to mention, a majority of these classes are often free of charge.

The expert supervision provided by licensed instructors is one of the key reasons people attend group fitness activities. In reality, a good workout may and should be enjoyable, as the more pleasure you have when exercising, the more likely you are to maintain a regular physical activity program.

Traveling may be stressful enough as it is, considering the long-haul flights, never-ending bus rides, line-ups, and cultural barriers. Yet, this stress does not mean you should compromise your health and fitness while enjoying yourself. Incorporating some movement into your vacation can mitigate aches and pains and, not to mention bloating. When you eat healthy meals while traveling, you will feel motivated and involved in your activities. Avoid the dreaded mid-afternoon energy slump with a hearty breakfast and nutritious lunch!

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