Interesting Facts About Flowers That You Didn’t Know

Interesting Facts About Flowers That You Didn’t Know
(Photo : Pixabay) Interesting Facts About Flowers That You Didn’t Know

Flowers are more interesting than the fact that they grow as annuals or perennials. A gardener may know the basic facts about buying and planting flowers but not be familiar with the more interesting details about these colorful plants.

Winter is a Viable Season

Some flowers bloom in cold temperatures and may appear covered in frost or surrounded by snow. English Primrose is known to survive the harshest winter conditions and remain vibrant on the first days of spring. Violas and pansies are also popular flowers that remain vibrant during the cold season and the transition into warmer weather.

Some Flowers Move

Flowers are seen as fully stationary creatures that never move at all. For example, sunflowers are known to turn their heads and face the sun at different times of day. Flowers mainly move as a survival mechanism in order to receive maximum amounts of sunlight. This technique, known as heliotropism, was known for millennia by the ancient Greeks. They knew that flowers made these movements to restore lost fluids and nutrients.

Flowers Did Not Always Exist

When the Earth was born, it was a long time until flowers came into existence. Flowers of any type first appeared in the ground next to dinosaurs some 130 million years ago. While the dinosaurs went extinct, flowers still remain and show no signs of extinction.

Tulip Mania Occurred in Holland

During the 17th century, the Dutch tulip became so popular in Holland that it created an economic bubble. The price of a single tulip bulb rose to astronomical levels. The price of a bulb exceeded the annual salary of the average resident. This bubble mainly affected the wealthy residents.

Some Flowers Grow Without Soil

Orchids can grow without needing soil and require only oxygen and water. They may need soil at the start of their lives but require less of it as they get older. They can grow nearly anywhere from very cold artic environments to tropical rainforests and deserts.

Broccoli is a Flower

Broccoli is the most unusual-looking flower that is the most edible variety of all flowers. It can be grown as an annual, biennial or perennial and made to produce only a head or many small florets. Broccoli is related to the cauliflower, which is also a flower, in the brassica family.

Some Flowers Are Bigger Than Humans

The world's biggest flowers can exceed three to ten feet in height and weigh as much as 20 pounds. Some flowers are so large and heavy that they have no stem. The Corpse Flower is known to grow several inches in one day and reach an average height of 10 feet.

From massive sizes to winter blooms, there are hundreds of interesting facts about flowers. That is because there are countless varieties from hybrids to wildflowers to edible plants. Fortunately for most gardeners, most flower types can be grown in any type of soil in any location. Buy the most beautiful flowers for any occasion and take advantage of a Flower Delivery service in Sydney and surrounding areas.

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