50 interesting facts about Mario Lopez: his first kiss was Fergie, is a good wrestler

  1. Mario Michael Lopez was born on October 10, 1973, in San Diego.

  2. He began acting around age ten on the TV variety show Kids Incorporated along with future stars Fergie and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  3. Lopez said his first kiss was with Fergie. "I'm very proud of my first kiss!" Lopez said in an interview with People.. "I was 10. We were on Kids Incorporated together. She says there was no tongue!"

  4. Before he became interested in acting, he wrestled for his high school and competed in the California State Tournament.

  5. Mario became an overnight teen idol in 1989 while playing jock A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell.

  6. He also appeared in both Saved by the Bell spinoffs (The New Class and The College Years) and TV movies (Hawaiian Style and Wedding in Las Vegas).

  7. Mario won three Young Artist Awards, one for Saved by the Bell and two more as host of Name Your Adventure.

  8. At the height of his TV fame in 1993, he is accused of date raping an 18-year old girl. Although the charges are never filed due to a lack of evidence.

  9. Following the success of Saved by the Bell, he appeared in some straight-to-video movies and small television series roles in the 90s. One of the TV shows was a role on the Baywatch-like Pacific Blue.

  10. During the early 2000s, he started making a comeback as TV host on such shows as Pet Star and The Other Half (the male version of The View). The daytime talk show features Lopez alongside Dick Clark, Danny Bonaduce and Dorian Gregory. "I've always said I want to be the Bo Jackson of entertainment," Lopez says. "I want to do it all."

  11. After meeting at the 1998 Miss Teen U.S.A. pageant, Lopez, 29, and Landry, 30, tie the knot at an exclusive resort outside Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

  12. Unfortunately, his marriage to Ali was annulled just two weeks after their ceremony in 2004 because she discovered he had cheated on her at his bachelor party two days before the wedding.

  13. Mario Lopez co-produced and starred in the independent film Outta Time (2002), in which he portrayed a college soccer player who takes a job as a courier and unwittingly becomes involved in drug smuggling.

  14. Mario Lopez has a sandwiched named after him at the Quiznos in Long Beach's a turkey club.

  15. Mario jokes that he is "the only Mexican without a middle name."

  16. In 2006, he appeared Dancing with the Stars and was partnered with pro Karina Smirnoff.He became known as "Super Mario" for his hip-swiveling moves. Lopez is runner-up to title winner, former NFL great Emmitt Smith and partner Cheryl Burke.

  17. His close friend Eva Longoria snuck in a homemade "Vote For Mario" tee to wear to cheer on Mario Lopez during a taping of Dancing with the Stars - even though producers banned clothes with messages of support for contestants.

  18. His spicy chemistry with partner Karina Smirnoff resulted in a two-year romance.

  19. Lopez appeared on FX's racy plastic surgery drama Nip/Tuck in 2006 where his steamy au naturel shower scene makes fans swoon.

  20. He also made an appearance on George Lopez as a police officer in late 2006.

  21. He is 5' 10" (1.78 m) tall.

  22. He is Catholic and tries to go to church every week.

  23. Mario is health conscious and likes to eat veggies raw and cold.

  24. You won't catch Mario walking under a ladder - he's very superstitious!

  25. In October 2008, Mario interviewed presidential candidate Barack Obama - Mario almost missed the interview because he overslept!

  26. She turned down a $200,000 offer to strip naked for Playgirl magazine (July 2008).

  27. In 2008, Mario Lopez was named PEOPLE's Hottest Bachelor in 2008.

  28. Lopez once admitted to having sex on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. "That's a long ride, by the way. "It's very dark...Hopefully I'll get the raft named after me!"

  29. Lopez made his Broadway debut on April 15, 2008, in the revival of the musical A Chorus Line in the role of Zach.

  30. He released his first book Mario Lopez Knockout Fitness in 2008 which was written together with Jeff O'Connell (who had previously written a fitness book with LL Cool J).

  31. He released a cookbook in 2010 called Extra Lean with various recipes which went on to become a New York Times bestseller.

  32. In the fall of 2008, Lopez began dating Broadway dancer Courtney Mazza. Lopez and Mazza became engaged over the 2011-2012 New Year's weekend.

  33. Lopez and Courtney Mazza have a reality show on VH1 called Mario Lopez: Saved By the Baby which premiered on November 1, 2010.

  34. They have a daughter, Gia Francesca (born September 2010),and a son, Dominic (born September 2013).

  35. They got married in Mexico on December 1, 2012. The couple's 2-year-old daughter, Gia, serves as a flower girl.

  36. Their wedding was televised on TLC as part of a two-hour special.

  37. He ran in the 2011 New York City Marathon.

  38. Starting in 2012 Mario Lopez began hosting his own Nationally Syndicated Radio Show 'ON With Mario Lopez' for Premiere Radio. It streams online daily on iHeartRadio.

  39. He has a younger sister, Marissa, who is married to ex-Houston Texans linebacker Kailee Wong.

  40. He loves coffee and drinks it black.

  41. Not surprisingly, his favorite ice cream flavor is coffee.

  42. He hosts the serial tabloid Extra, as well as the MTV reality shows America's Best Dance Crew and MTV's Top Pop Group.

  43. He appeared in an infomercial, hosted by Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, for their "Perfect Skin" skin care system.

  44. Lopez published yet another book in 2011, Mario and Baby Gia, inspired by his daughter. That wasn't his first childrens book - his first one was Mud Tacos in 2009.

  45. Mario has no tattoos or body piercings.

  46. Mario is a big boxing fan. His favorite boxer is Mexico's Julio Cesar Chavez.

  47. He is a talented drummer and played drums

  48. Athletics aside, his true passion in life is dancing. He has aspirations of one day dancing at Radio City music hall in New York City.

  49. In 2012, he co-hosted the second season of American version of The X Factor with Khloé Kardashian, and was the sole host for the third season.

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