The Internet is Convinced Queen Elizabeth II is Immortal, Here Are Memes to Prove it

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Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-ruling British monarch in history. She has witnessed a lot in her lifetime, wars, protests, rise and fall of dictators and the improvement of technology.  Although a lot of people are glad that she is alive and well, there are those who can't help but poke fun at the mere thought of her outliving almost everyone in her life.

This ongoing talk surfaced after her son, Prince Charles, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson both tested positive for the coronavirus. She has now become a subject of speculation that she is immortal, and the result is a series of hilarious memes. 

Queen Elizabeth is immortal meme

According to Know Your Meme, the "immortal queen meme" trend began on March 25, just after the news about Prince Charles' coronavirus test result came out. A Reddit user posted a meme about the Queen with the caption "Old queen lady immortal" and it immediately went viral, with almost 100k upvotes on the said site. 

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So how old is Queen Elizabeth II? One meme suggests that she may have met the first man and woman

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Some royal family duties do seem like a "bring your child to work" day

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Some suggests that she  may have witnessed the Big Bang

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We all know who will still be alive 4000 years from now

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She may have watched the dinosaurs get wiped out

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Queen Elizabeth II has seen it all 

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The Queen's current health update

Because of the Queen's age, she is considered a high-risk patient for contracting the coronavirus, just like her husband Prince Philip who retired from all royal duties three years ago. According to Variety, the Queen is now relocated from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle. Her support staff has also been reduced while her royal staff are told to work from home because of the current situation. 

The royal staff are up at arms after the Prime Minster tested positive for the virus. The Queen met him on March 11 and she saw Prince Charles on March 12. Fortunately, the Buckingham Palace reports that the Queen remains in good health. According to the staff, she is following all of the appropriate advice with regards to her welfare. 

The Queen has always had incredible health despite her busy schedules and hectic royal duties. Some people believe that a disciplined diet is the key to her long and healthy life. Chef Darren McGrady, a former royal chef who worked for the Queen and the royal family for more than 10 years, the Queen could have anything she wanted but she disciplines herself to stay well and healthy. 

The chef also said that there are still pots from the 19th century in the royal kitchen. There are pans and pots from the 1800s that they are still using, and they all have the stamp of Queen Victoria on them. The Queen also plays with her dogs, takes long walks and eat healthy food.  

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