(Video Review) Smart Water Bottle for Kids - GululuGo Interactive Water Bottle Includes Games and Stories Along with a Health Tracking Smartphone App

(Video Review) Smart Water Bottle for Kids - GululuGo Interactive Water Bottle Includes Games and Stories Along with a Health Tracking Smartphone App, 350ml Smart Water Bottle for Kids

  • LONG-LASTING HEALTH BENEFITS FOR YOUR CHILD. Gululu is the interactive waterbottle that helps keep your child hydrated, enhancing mood, sleep, cognition,and concentration. Perfect for ages 3+, Gululu opens the door to a healthy,playful lifestyle.
  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY AND DISCOVERY. Let your child choose their favoritewhimsical pet to embark on a journey of health and learning- play, track stats,add friends, and stay connected with the cloud-based app that lets you playalongside your child. By shaking two Gululu bottles next to each other, theirpets will jump to the other screen and generate friendly 'coopertition' to seewho can reach their hydration goals.
  • CONVENIENT AND BUILT TO LAST. Durable, safe, waterproof, spillproof andwireless, with a modular design and easy-clean spout that makes maintenancesimple. Designed to improve your child's health conveniently. We made sure it'sboth fun and easy to use with a lid that opens and closes.
  • HAVE FUN ALL DAY WITHOUT AFFECTING SCHOOL LIFE - Each Gululu Go features a'School Mode' and 'Sleep Mode' that can be enabled to set times throughout theday. The water intake will still be recorded, but you can leave your kidsundisturbed.
  • JOIN US ON AN H20 MISSION AROUND THE GLOBE! With each and every purchase of aGululu bottle, a portion of every sale will go towards building water wells forchildren in developing countries. Through our partnership with Generosity Org,we give back with each Gululu, because water = life.

Editor's Rating: 9.7 out of 10 (BUY HERE)

The new addition to the Gululu family issmaller, lighter, and includes a special latch, making it easy to carry around.Most significantly, "Gululu Go" features a sound speaker, which allows theGululu pets to talk to children for the first time, using over 200 phrases anddifferent voices for the individual pet characters.

Drink Water And Become A Hero

This interactive water bottle motivates children to build up hydration habits in an unconscious way. Kids can rescue the virtual inhabitants of Planet Ima in the Gululu game if they drink enough water to achieve their daily hydration goal. Kids will become heroes and become more proactive to drink water every day. If your children forget to achieve the daily goal, Gululu pets will gently remind them to drink more water.

Make Friends in The Gululu World

Gululu Go water bottle allows children to form a friend group in the Gululu world. In each Gululu Go smart water bottle, there are virtual pets living inside. If kids shake two bottles that are close to each other, their pets can become friends. The pets can visit the other bottle and display special movements on the screen. Children can see their friends' drinking progress and will encourage friendly "coopertition".

Safe and High-quality Material

Gululu Go interactive water bottle uses 100% BPA free Tritan material and is totally harmless for people to use. Food safety is one of the most important things for us. Our company focuses on creating and developing products that help children's health. Gululu Go is made of durable and safe materials that comply with FDA (U.S) standard.

Grab a Gululu Go and Play with the Pets

Interacting with the Gululu Go water bottle is easy and fun. The water level on the screen will rise when children are drinking water. Once the drinking volume achieves a certain amount, the treasure box will open up and the pets will unlock more tricks and adventures. There are two touchpads on both sides of the bottle so children can slide or tap to interact with their pets.

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