5 Myths About Quitting Drinking

5 myths about quitting drinking
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Alcoholism is a physical and psychological dependence, which is characterized by memory impairment, behavioral problems, pathologies of internal organs resulting from the systematic use of alcohol. Many people are interested in how to quit drinking alcohol on their own. And only some of them go to the free rehab centers and this is highly efficient.

There is a big number of myths regarding quitting drinking and we're going to tell you about them on this page. If you notice that you have made a wrong decision with the alcohol or you considered any of the myths to be true to life, you can always find information on free drug rehabilitation.

Myth 1. You don't need to know the reason of addiction

If you don't know the real reason, you will never be able to quit. Before you stop drinking on your own, you need to determine the causes of the bad habit. The main factors include the following issues:

Psychological factors. The cause of alcoholism may be something like difficulties with adaptation to life circumstances, weak will, lack of self-confidence. The cause of problems is a tendency to depressive states and personal problems.

Social factors. The negative impact of advertising, national traditions, family habits, lack of good work can encourage a person to abuse alcohol.

Difficulties in work or personal life. In this situation, a person tries to cope with stress with the help of alcohol. And this path often leads to the free alcohol rehab.

Physiological factors or hereditary addiction. The cause of the problems may be biochemical processes. Addiction to alcohol does not occur in all. To a greater extent, it affects people who have mental disorders or traumatic brain damage. Sometimes the cause of the problems is a genetic predisposition.

Myth 2. Addiction has no symptoms

Take a look at the following alarming symptoms of alcohol addiction:

  1. A gradual increase in the number of holidays celebrated with alcohol. If a person was waiting for a birthday or New Year in the past, now he or she is specifically looking for a reason to drink alcohol.

  2. Change of friends. If a person found friends according to their common interests, then with the advent of alcohol addiction, he or she is looking for addicted friends.

  3. The aggravation of negative characteristics. Addicts have problems related to communicating with colleagues, friends, relatives. Such people become nervous, aggressive and irritable. Mood improves only after drinking.

  4. Loss of control over the volume of alcohol. If earlier a person was just stopping, now there are difficulties with this.

  5. Health disorders. Excessive drinking leads to very sad consequences. A person has pain in the right side, sleep disturbances, problems with erection, hand tremor.

Myth 3. There's always a solid reason to drink

It's good to admit the presence of addiction and pick up any of the free rehab centers to ask for help. However, many people ignore the presence of problems. The desire to drink alcohol is always justified by the presence of some kind of holiday. However, you can celebrate it without drinking it.

Many people are sure that alcohol helps to cope with shyness. However, this is just a self-hypnosis. The psychological barrier can only be removed for a short period of time. After this, the stage of inappropriate behavior comes and it can cause a feeling of shame.

Often, alcoholism begins with daily consumption of 50 g of alcohol. However, doctors question even the benefits of red wine. Daily ingestion of alcohol in the body provokes irreversible effects on the brain and liver.

Many addicts drink because of helplessness, because they are sure that they can not do anything about it. This is another common misconception as free alcohol treatment centers are always ready to help.

Myth 4. You can quit any time

How to quit drinking alcohol at home? This is a rather difficult task, but it can be completed. To do this, certain steps should be taken:

  1. To get ready for the fact that finding an easy way to cope with addiction is almost impossible. Complex forms of alcoholism cannot be eliminated on their own with the development of physiological pathologies and mental disorders.

  2. Be sure to recognize the need to combat addiction. If this is not done, all treatment methods will not yield results.

  3. Be patient and enlist the support of loved ones. The main task of those around should be the maximum protection of a person from situations that could cause disruptions. If a person does not have willpower, it is necessary to constantly monitor the behavior. In case there's no one around you, find a free drug rehab near me.

Myth 5. You stop drinking and that's it

It's not enough. You should stop communicating with people who are addicted to alcohol. Do not visit bars. It is important to learn to say NO in such situations. This is actually not very difficult.

Have rest. Healthy sleep is the key to excellent health and excellent ability to work. In such a situation, a person is much less tired, and therefore he does not have an obsessive desire to drink.

Do sports. To cope with addiction, you need to find another source of pleasure. The hormone of happiness is produced during exercising.

Find ways to deal with stress. Problems with alcohol often occur in people who suffer from chronic fatigue and try to calm their nerves with alcohol. To cope with addiction, you need to find a source of pleasure such as massage, yoga or boxing.

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