Coronavirus Astrology Says Pandemic Will End Quickly

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While there have been many controversial stories about predicting the end of coronavirus and how and when it will come to an end, an astrologer also has an opinion about when the pandemic will be over- and it is said to be as fast as overnight. 

Coronavirus according to astrology

Well-known self-styled astrologer and consciousness coach Arik Xander could hold the truth as to when the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will end. Xander's astrology-based claims predict that coronavirus will come to an end soon, and it will happen very quickly. 

According to Xander, he has used astrology to see the future and predict what possible things will happen in the world in the coming days, months, and years. Now that the world is suffering from the coronavirus-- with already 2 million reported cases all around the world and hundreds of thousands already dead-- many people are desperate for a cure, or even better, for the virus to end. With that, Xander decided to examine the horoscope of the coronavirus and share it to the world about his findings that will contradict the research about the virus.

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The astrologer started to share his findings and examinations through his astrology blog, Astrology Wellness.

Xander wrote on his blog saying that the coronavirus was claimed by many planets as a Capricorn. As he examined the astrological facts, he said that he saw a collective south node, which means there is a collaborative faith with Venus. Venus is known to be the air planet. The collaborative faith between Venus and Capricorn shows that there is a sign of suffering and material darkness that will happen. 

Astrological facts

According to astrological facts, Capricorn is the 11th astrological house in the collective and it shows that it counterfeits fear-- which is Capricorn itself-- and the coronavirus. 

Xander also added Neptune, which is a planet known to related to infection and disease. Neptune is found in the first house of the body, and it shows that there will be physical symptoms and signs that will show. 

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Xander wrote on his blog that the black moon is found in the second house of money, together with Chiron and the planet Uranus. According to Xander, he interprets it as a disturbance related to both the economy and money. 

Xander also added that the North node showed it was Cancer, and since it is known to be the sign of healing and protection, he said that it could also be a sign that can be shut off. 

The United States, which is a state in the Cancer star sign, has closed itself from the rest of the countries and the whole world, and Xander claims that it is a sign of alarm and everyone should be prepared for the upcoming "apocalypse."

Xander also added that he finds it interesting how astrologers like him can see an amount of attachment that a collective has in terms of survival and how the patterns and signs leave us to a fight or flight situation. This can be taken as a bad sign because it can possibly lead to fear and violence since everything and everyone will be running out of resources. 

How can astrology be helped?

Furthermore, Xander suggests that astrology can help with the coronavirus pandemic. He said that astrology should use Aquarius' Moon to balance out the nodes. Since the virus has spread through the power of Capricorn, Saturn expects us to fix the collective with an Earth element, and that could be helped by Aquarius. 

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