Top 5 Grease, Tar, and Wax Removers of 2020

Clean your metal parts, car parts, and other steel materials in your home with these grease and wax remover from Amazon! You will no longer worry about grease and wax that comes altogether due to oils and fuels because these removers will clean it for you in the most efficient and best way. Here are some of Amazon's best-sellers and top-rated brands of grease and wax removers.

Custom Shop Restoration Automotive Grease and Wax Remover

This grease and wax remover is a fast-acting and effective product designed to dissolve and loosen surface contaminants commonly found on a painted surface such as grease, wax, ar, adhesive residue, tree sap, silicones, and insect residue. It enables these contaminants to be easily picked up and removed by wiping away from the surface to be painted.

Use before any bodywork or painting operation to assure a clean quality surface. Promotes maximum paint adhesion. Dries quickly with no residue. It works on painted surfaces, metal, plastic, epoxy, and fiberglass. It's excellent for use before and after sanding. Leaves the surface clean and ready for topcoat application.

Custom Shop Restoration Automotive Grease and Wax Remover

HydroSilex Rewind Automotive Wax and Grease Remover

HydroSilex Rewind is a great prep spray and cleaner that removes wax, polishes, chemicals, and grease from your car's surface, leaving a smooth surface ready for easy coating. Taking the proper steps for your car's exterior has never been easier with the line of HydroSilex products. Use Rewind for that initial step, followed by Silica Soap, and complete with Recharge for the ultimate finish.

HydroSilex Rewind Automotive Wax & Grease

Applicable on just about any surface, the Rewind spray is most commonly used on car exteriors, glass, and wheels. It works seamlessly on paint, vinyl, rubber, and plastic, making it ultra-versatile.

Rust-Oleum Automotive 32-Ounce Wax and Tar Remover

Removes wax, tar, grease, and road film. It is excellent for use before and after sanding and promotes an even, mirror-like finish. It is also great for removing oil, silicone, and road film. Leaves the surface clean and ready for topcoat application. Ideal for vertical surfaces and can remove multiple layers. Use with clean lint-free wiping cloths, use a separate wet cloth, and a separate removal cloth. Great as an anti-static, anti-silicone panel wipe before painting.

Rust-Oleum Automotive 32-ounce Wax and Tar Remover

Dupli-Color Prep and Wax Remover Spray

Surface preparation is a critical step in any quality painting project. Dupli-Color simplifies your painting preparation needs by offering a complete line of grease and wax removers. These special formulations help the paint form a lasting bond to bare metal, POEM surfaces, aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass. This superior coating products only use the highest quality ingredients, which allows our customers to achieve high-quality professional results on their Painting Projects consistently!

Dupli-Color Prep Grease and Wax Remover Prep Spray

Granitize R-1G Auto Tar, Wax, and Grease Remover

The ready-to-use formulation is fast and easy to use. Removes tar, wax, and grease from exterior surfaces. The blend of solvents is safe to use on any cured painted surface. 

Granitize R-1G Auto Tar, Wax, and Grease Remover

TR Industries was founded to provide mold release products for manufacturers of fiberglass, reinforced plastic, and cultured marble products. From product molding to the finished part, the complete line of TR Industries professional-quality surface treatment products was designed to produce the best finish possible at maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

In response to the requests of automotive, marine, and recreational vehicle manufacturers, TR Industries developed a product line of surface care products for continued maintenance after the sale.


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