Best Fabric Repair Tape on Amazon

Fabric repair tapes are more convenient to use compared to sewing your damaged fabrics to fix it. Here are four of the best fabric repair tape brands that you can get today.

Leather Repair Tape 3x60 Inch Patch Leather Adhesive for Sofas, Car Seats, etc.

This leather tape is very durable and one of the best-selling fabric repair tapes in the market—the tape measures about three by 60 inches long that allow users to cut their desired sizes. The leather tape is strong, and the adhesive is non-residual. The tape is durable, and once you paste it on your fabric, leather sofas, car seats, and more, it will only take a few seconds for it to stick thoroughly. Once the patches are pasted, it will stick through the fabric material for a long time. The appearance is also uncanny, and it won't look like it was patched at all. The tape's material is 100% environmental-friendly, and it does not have any smell when used. The leather repair patches can be used from leather clothes to furniture. It works well on fabrics, car sears, handbags, couches, sofas, vinyl, and upholstery. 

Leather Repair Tape 3x60 Inch Patch Leather Adhesive for Sofas, Car Seats and more

TEAR-AID Fabric Repair Kit Type A

This fabric repair kit is a simple and easy way of patching and fixing damages on your fabricated furniture such as sofas, beds, and even car seats in your car. It fixes tears, holes, burns, and other fabric damage. This is the ultimate protective solution for your fabric dilemmas. The kit features a fabric repair tape that is durable, sturdy, and will make sure that the damage is tapered for a long time. It comes with a matte finish material that is also collaborated with an elastomer that avoids further damage, tearing, and puncture. This fabric repair kit can fix most fabrics, nylon, non-oiled leather, acrylics, aluminum, polyester, umbrellas, fiberglass, dacron, rubber, neoprene, and plastic materials. You don't have to think about getting paste or glue when you have this tape because it is already self-adhesive. The tape measures about 3 inches by 12 inches and can be easily cut to your desired size. 

TEAR-AID Fabric Repair Kit

GEAR AID Tenacious Fabric and Vinyl Repair Tape

This fabric repair tape can fix tears, burns, rips, and other fabric damages. It offers super strong and peel-and-stick tape that does not require you to sew or heat the tape for it to stick on the damaged fabric material. This repair tape is ideal to use on tents, vinyl furniture, jackets, clothes, tarps, and more. You can simply attach this tape to almost any material, and its superb adhesive feature will bond on the damaged material for a long time and will fix it in no time. You can keep your sewing kits aside and use this repair tape instead of any fabric materials, including denim. The tape has a waterproof material, and it does not peel off through time—the repair tape measures about three by 20 inches. 

GEAR AID Tenacious Tape Fabric and Vinyl Repair Tape

Aleene's Fabric Fusion Tape

This fabric fusion tape by Aleene's is very simple and easy to use, that is best for quick fixing. You can just patch a cut of this tape in any damaged fabric area, and it will last for a long time. The tape is about ⅝ inches wide, and you can get one that is about 20 feet long. The tape is double-sided adhesive, and it can be permanently used to fix fabrics. This is also safe to use for machine-washed clothes. 

Aleene's Fabric Fusion Tape


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