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Josh Dun
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Josh Dun, famous as the half of Twenty One Pilots, has made his mark in the music industry with his deft skills at drumming, especially while playing electronic drums. But, this musician was restricted from listening to the different genres in music as a kid. Here are some interesting facts about him that will make you love him more:

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  1.  Before his career with “Twenty One Pilots” he was the drummer for “House of Heroes,” when the band’s drummer Colin Rigsby was on break.
  2.  He had been on the drums for many of the band’s tracks in their album “Suburba,” while also appearing in the music video “God Save the Foolish Kings.”
  3.  He was also part of the band’s “House of Heroes’ Live Tour” in October 2010, until Rigsby was back from his break and resumed his drumming duties.
  4.  He was featured on George Watsky's 2016 single "Midnight Heart" for the album “x Infinity,” and also makes a cameo appearance in the music video of the song.
  5.  The music video of the band’s single “Level of Concern,” which focuses on the anxiety and worry during the COVID-19 pandemic, was filmed the homes of Tyler Joseph and Dun, due to the nationwide lockdown.
  6.  Joshua William Dun was born on June 18, 1988, to William Earl “Bill” Dun and Laura Lee Dun, in Columbus, Ohio.
  7.  His father was a physical therapy assistant, while his mother was a hospice social worker. His has two sisters – Bonnie Lee and Abigail Christine “Abbie” Dun, and a brother – Jordan Christopher Dun.
  8.  Dun recalls that he was a rebellious youngster during his adolescence, to the extent that his parents nearly kicked him out at the age of 14.
  9.  It was not about drugs or alcohol, as Dun would always argue and yell with his parents, and he was always in detention. His parents even considered sending him to military school.
  10.  He had been interested in music since young age, and his parents would set strict rule on what type of music he gets to listen.
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  12.  However, after taking the recommendations of the people at the local music store, he would buy albums in the punk rock genre, and hide it under his bed.
  13.  During his school days, he took trumpet lessons and claims that it only taught him how to read music, instead of how to create his own.
  14.  Following this, he decided to learn drums by himself with the belief that learning how to play an instrument in class, would only prohibit him from getting creative.
  15.  One of his methods in learning drums, was trying to imitate the beats of all the records he had brought from the local store, on his electronic drum kit.
  16.  He focused on his musical hobbies and made a living with his friends, instead of going to college. He was afraid that he had disappointed his dad, as he was had a minimum-wage job.
  17.  He was working at the Guitar Center, one of the largest American music retailer company, for three years, with his friends.
  18.  His father simply stated that it was not about the money that he makes or the job that he does, it was always about character and that he was proud of Josh Dun.
  19.  It was through his job at Guitar Center that he met with former Twenty One Pilots drummer Chris Salih, who offered him his own job – as a drummer of Twenty One Pilots.
  20.  He had initially planned to move to Nashville, Tennessee, after quitting his job at Guitar Center, for pursuing his career in the music industry.
  21.  But with Salih and bassist Nick Thomas leaving Twenty One Pilots, Salih asked Dun to play a show with Tyler Joseph. However, just after one song, the show was cancelled by the police officers.
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  23.  He became the full-time drummer of the band, and released the second studio album “Regional at Best” with Joseph.
  24.  He and his bandmate Joseph have “X” tattoo, symbolizing their dedication to hometown fans, which they received on stage during the show at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion on April 26, 2013.
  25.  He appeared on two singles from Canadian singer and songwriter Lights' album, “Skin and Earth,” – "Savage" and "Almost Had Me."
  26.  The music video of their single “Stressed Out,” was mostly filmed at his childhood home in Columbus, Ohio, following which it turned into a destination for the band’s fans.
  27.  His parents had to cancel their landline telephone service, to avoid calls coming in at all hours, as their phone number was listed in the music video.
  28.  The musical video also featured many members from his family as well as the Joseph’s chanting "Wake up, you need to make money" in unison during the song's bridge.
  29.  In partnership with Hayley Williams of Paramore, Dun promoted her hair dye line "Good Dye Young," in the year 2017.
  30.  He was in a relationship with actress Debby Ryan from May 2013 to September 2014. After a brief separation period, the couple got back together again.
  31.  He announced that he engaged to Debby Ryan on his Instagram account on December 23, 2018. A year after their engagement, the couple got married on December 31, 2019.
  32.  Dun has played guest drums on the English rock band The Hunna’s single "Dark Times" which was featured on the album “I'd Rather Die Than Let You In.”
  33.  Josh Dun Net Worth: $16 Million

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