Smart Houston Businesses Are Offering Spa Retreats—Locally

Smart Houston Businesses Are Offering Spa Retreats—Locally
(Photo : Pixabay) Smart Houston Businesses Are Offering Spa Retreats—Locally

Smart organizations in Houston want to offer their employees a way to rejuvenate. By giving employees a local get-away, business owners can achieve 4 key goals.

First, they are honoring and supporting employee health.

Second, they are acknowledging that we all need a balancing input.

Third, they are managing costs. Local retreats cost less than remote locations.

Fourth, they are infusing health and wellness into their core values and standard practices.

If you're looking for ways to offer spa retreats in your organization, business experts suggest that you look at ways to divvy up the workload.

Logistics and Procurement

It takes a lot to stay organized, ready, and up-to-date with the inventory. Many companies find that running business day-to-day is incredibly time-consuming. It's hard to find the hours in the day to stay on top of third-party logistics (3PL) and third-party fulfillment partnerships (3PF).

That's why so many businesses prefer to engage a partner for 3PL consulting to get maximum efficiency in logistics operations. You're free to manage customer service, employee training, and day-to-day operations. With the headache of finding providers, pricing solutions, and shipping logistics handled, you can achieve peace of mind.

Let's just explore how this takes a whole lot off your plate. Imagine for a second that the entire procurement process is already handled-and not on your massive to-do list.

You can rest assured that these steps are handled according to your preferences:

• Assess current contracts

Review providers and check that the current providers are delivering according to efficiencies, pricing, and criteria. If your wish list is being met, you are good to go. If not, you can discover what you should be looking for in a partner. You're not guessing or wondering-you're evaluating the reality according to accurate data.

• Negotiate contracts

If your contract is in place with an approved provider, your partner will negotiate terms on your behalf. If you're on the lookout for a new provider, you'll get candidates selected based on their RFP responses.

• Track accountability

Your logistics partner will track agreements and hold 3PL or 3PF accountable to a discrete set of standards. You can rest easy knowing that you're operating according to maximum efficiency.

Many businesses are finding that with logistics handled, it's easier to develop and deliver programs that appeal to employees.

Here in Houston, we have some great options for helping our employees recharge and rejuvenate. It's possible to access local experts for staying relaxed, healthy, and sometimes - sweaty.

Our Favorite Picks for Health and Fitness

Are you heading up a hunt for building a health and wellness program for your organization? If so, check out these great local people and resources.

• Virtual Fitness Classes

A lot of Houston trainers, coaches, dancers, and sports coaches are offering virtual fitness classes. And it's no wonder they are extremely popular. We need all the help we can get to stay calm, healthy, and fit. From apps to live-streamed classes, to dance moves -you can offer your staff a world of options.

• Nutritional Upgrades

Connect your staff with a dietician, nutritionist, and healthy lifestyle coach. By working with an expert, you can help your employees stay focused, alert, and on the right path for health and wellness.

• Prioritizing Mental Health

There's no question that we've all been living through stressful times. According to one study in the U.K., mental health calls to an anxiety hotline increased 1000%. That's wild, right?

If you are noticing that your staff can use some support, consider ways to make mental health counseling private, confidential, and included within the employee health plan. By being proactive, you can make it easier for people to reach out and get the support they deserve.

• Encourage Journaling

Writing in a journal is a proven practice for expressing emotions, exploring thought patterns, and opening up to a more peaceful state of mind. Journaling has been shown to reduce stress and improve mental and emotional well-being.

You don't need much to start - just a pen or pencil, a notebook, and some personal time investigating what's going on.

Sum Up

If you're curious about offering a get-away for your team, executives, sales staff, or creative design group, now is the time. You'll support your employees, boost morale, reduce sick leave, and demonstrate your organization's core values.

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