30 Astounding Facts About Aerosmith Not Even Fans Will Know

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Aerosmith, referred to as the "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band," has seen their fair share of highs and lows in their over five decades of career. From dominating Rock ‘N’ Roll to almost crashing and burning, to becoming household names, they are one of the most loved bands of all time, still selling out shows in their Las Vegas residency concert. In fact, their comeback after nearly losing their career, is one of the most remarkable and spectacular comebacks in rock history. Here are some really interesting facts about the band that will make fans love them more:

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  1.  With 12 multi-platinum albums, 18 platinum and 25 gold certifications, Aerosmith holds the record for the most total certifications by an American group.
  2.  The band has been listed at #57 and #30 on the Rolling Stone’s and VH1’s lists of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time,” respectively.
  3.  In the year 2001, Aerosmith was inducted into the Rock and Roll of Fame. Members Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
  4.  The band released the “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” video game in the year 2008, which is considered to be the best-selling band-centric video game, as of writing.
  5.  They have four Grammy Awards, four Billboard Music Awards, six American Music Awards, and 10 MTV Video Music Awards, among several other accolades to their name. They were honored with the MusiCares Person of the Year Award in the year 2020.
  6.  The history of Aerosmith can be traced back to the “Strangeurs” band formed by Steven Tyler in 1964, in Yonkers, New York, which was later renamed as Chain Reaction.
  7.  Around the same time, Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton formed the band named Jam Band, based on free-form and blues. The duo moved to Boston, Massachusetts in September, 1969.
  8.  Jam Band met Joey Kramer, a drummer in Yonkers, New York, who was a student of Berklee College of Music. Kramer decided to quit studying and join the Jam Band.
  9.  In the year 1970, both the bands – Chain Reaction and Jam Band performed together at the same gig, following which Tyler, who was very much impressed with the Jam Band’s sounds, proposed to combine the bands.
  10.  While Tyler was a drummer and backup singer in Chain Reaction, he refused to play drums in the new band and insisted to be the frontman and lead vocalist, to which the others agreed immediately.
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  12.  A new band was formed and the members moved into a home together at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, which was they place to write and rehearse music.
  13.  The members who often get high in this house, and watch the reruns of Three Stooges together during the afternoons. It was during one such afternoon that they tried to come up with a name.
  14.  Kramer had been infatuated with the name “Aerosmith” even when he was in school, and write it all over his notebooks. The name had popped into his head after listening to Harry Nilsson's album “Aerial Ballet,” which featured jacket art of a circus performer jumping out of a biplane.
  15.  However, the other members first misunderstood it to be the Sinclair Lewis novel “Arrowsmith,” and were unimpressed, but after Kramer’s explanation that it was “A-E-R-O-Smith,” they settled upon it.
  16.  The band, as Aerosmith, played their first gig in Mendon, Massachusetts at Nipmuc Regional High School, on November 6, 1970, after hiring Ray Tabano, Tyler’s childhood friend as the rhythm guitarist.
  17.  In the year 1971, Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford, who was a former member of Earth Inc., also attended the Berklee School of Music.
  18.  This line-up of Tyler, Perry, Hamilton, Kramer and Whitford, stayed the same, except for the period from July 1979 to April 1984.
  19.  After securing a management deal with David Krebs and Steve Leber in 1972, they invited Clive Davis, President of Columbia Records to see the band’s performance at Max’s Kansas City, in New York City.
  20.  However, Aerosmith was not in the original schedule to play at the club, that night, but the members paid out of their own pockets to secure a place. In fact, they are the only band in history to ever do so at Max’s Kansas City.
  21.  This indeed paid off, as the band signed with Columbia in mid-1972, for a reported $125,000, following which they released their debut album – “Aerosmith,” in January 1973. The album peaked at #166.
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  23.  With the release of their third album “Toys in the Attic” in the year 1975, the band became international stars, competing with the likes of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones.
  24.  Around the late 1970s, Aerosmith established their home base as “The Wherehouse” officially titled A. Wherehouse, located at 55 Pond Street in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States. It was here that they recorded and rehearsed music, as well as conduct business.
  25.  Following a dispute between Joe Perry’s wife Elissa and Tom Hamilton’s wife Terry, Perry got into an argument with Tyler and left Aerosmith, in July 1979. Two years later, Whitford left the band and decided to form a duo with Derek St. Holmes.
  26.  It was in 1984 that the band members reunited again, during the Aerosmith’s performance at Boston’s Orpheum Theater. Discussions to reintegrate Perry and Whitford into the band started and officially happened several months later.
  27.  Tyler is the first member of the band, who completed a successful drug rehabilitation program in 1986. He was followed by the other members, who also completed drug rehab programs.
  28.  Their ninth studio album “Permanent Vacation” released in August 1987, was actually the first album that they recorded when they were sober. The subsequent Permanent Vacation Tour was intense for the band members, as they were struggling to stay clean, while touring with Guns N’ Roses, known for their rampant drug use.
  29.  In 1999, Aerosmith was chosen to be featured in the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, providing the ride's soundtrack and theme at both Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort.
  30.  On June 27, 2002, the band performed at the official FIFA World Cup concert at Tokyo Stadium which took place during the 2002 FIFA World Cup held in Japan.
  31.  The band's principal songwriters Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were the recipients of the ASCAP Founders Award at the society's 30th Annual Pop Music Awards on April 17, 2013.
  32.  The band’s “Dream On,” “Toys in the Attic” and “Walk This Way” are all listed in “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.” Their single “Sweet Emotion” was ranked at #1 in the “Top 100 Classic Rock Songs Chart” by Ultimate Classic Rock website in the year 2013.
  33.  Aerosmith Net Worth: $200 Million

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