30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Howie Dorough That Every BSB Fan Must Know

Howie Dorough
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Howie Dorough, famously known as Howie D, is one of the five singers of the fan favorite band – Backstreet Boys. He is also the founder of the Dorough Lupus Foundation, as well as the Sweet D Inc. Often noted for his high falsetto, the singer is also a proud father of two. Here are some really interesting facts about the Howie D, that will make fans go crazy for him:

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  1.  In the early 2020, Dorough starred in a musical, said to be loosely based on his life titled “Howie D: Back in the Day,” at The Rose Theater in Omaha, Nebraska.
  2.  His first solo album “Back to Me,” was released on November 15, 2011, in which he co-wrote most of the songs. The album entered the production stage, during the initial hiatus of Backstreet Boys in the year 2002.
  3.  In the early 2015, some producers claimed to have been working with Howie, on his second solo album, which was speculated to be released the same year. The new album “Which One Am I,” was eventually released on July 12, 2019.
  4.  He was asked to record exclusive material for the Japanese market, as a reward to the Japanese fans, following which he collaborated with Yu Shirota, and recorded a specially written single “If I Say.”
  5.  He is most known for his infamous fart, which was recorded and used as a part of the beat for the song "The Call" from the Backstreet Boys fourth album, “Black And Blue.”
  6.  Howard Dwaine Dorough was born on August 22, 1973, to Hoke Dwaine Dorough and Paula Flores-Dorough, in Orlando, Florida. He is the youngest of five siblings.
  7.  His father worked as a police officer and bank security, while his mother was a school worker. His father was Irish American and his mother is a Puerto Rican.
  8.  His elder brother John Dorough is the Chief Operating Officer / Owner / President of the Dorough Brothers Development and Consulting. He is also the CEO and management team member of The Dorough Group.
  9.  Howie, with his older brother John, also founded a company called Sweet D, Inc., which is known to have built numerous condominiums, hotels, and waterfront properties.
  10.  His elder sister Caroline Yvonne Dorough Cochran died from Lupus on September 12, 1998, following which, he established the Dorough Lupus Foundation (DLF).
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  12.  Through the foundation, he helps in raising money for lupus research, and had done many charity events including concerts, auctions and some annual cruises.
  13.  The DLF primarily focuses on raising awareness about the Lupus disease, while also providing financial support for the people who can’t afford the necessary treatment.
  14.  Another elder sister of his – Pollyanna Dorough is also a singer, who graduated as a voice major from Westchester’s Conservatory of Music at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York.
  15.  It was reported that Howie’s love for music started when he was just three years old, jumping on his grandparents’ bed, singing “Babyface,” with his little guitar.
  16.  In fact, it was his sister Pollyanna, who kept encouraging the musical abilities in him, and got him to sing during the mass in the church choir.
  17.  His mother got him enrolled singing/voice and acting lessons n a performing arts academy where he also took dance lessons in classical ballet, tap, and jazz.
  18.  At the age of 14, he was discovered by an acting agent, who managed to get him roles in movies, as well as commercials, under the stage name Tony Donetti.
  19.  During his junior high, he sang in the choir, and was also qualified for All-State Chorus, talent shows. He even joined the school TV show titled “Macho & Camacho.”
  20.  However, he was a victim of bullying throughout his school days, for his lack of Spanish language, as well as his falsetto vocal range. He was even teased for his weight, at the age of 12.
  21.  He was selected 'Most Talented' and graduated from Edgewater High School in 1991 the Top 10 of his class.
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  23.  It was said that, he had actually auditioned for BSB with his stage name, but they had lost his headshot and contact info. The band tracked him down in six months, all thanks to AJ.
  24.  Dorough attended both University of Central Florida and Valencia College with an Associate of Arts Degree, along with *NSYNC member, Chris Kirkpatrick.
  25.  At one of his high school basketball game, his choir teacher asked him to perform the National Anthem on stage. Although he agreed, when he stood up to sing, his mind was totally blank, and forgot the words, leading to a great embarrassment.
  26.  Still, he got right back, by performing at his school talent show, in which he sang “Unchained Melody,” receiving a standing ovation, for hitting the high notes. It was said that by the end of the performance, girls were in tears, while boys were brimming with envy.
  27.  He made his motion picture debut with his guest appearance in the comedy “This Is the End,” along with the rest of the Backstreet Boys, in the year 2013.
  28.  Since the year 2010, Howie has been managing a Canadian band Neverest, which was under Dorough's company, 3 Street Management.
  29.  He met Leigh Anne Boniello, a film executive producer for Warner Brothers, on December 6, 2000, when she was working as the webmaster for the official Backstreet Boys website.
  30.  The duo dated for six years and Howie proposed to her on New Year’s in 2006, in front of her entire family.
  31.  The couple got married on December 8, 2007, in a traditional Catholic ceremony at St. James Cathedral, where he was baptized and sang choir at in Orlando, Florida.
  32.  They have two sons together – James Hoke Dorough born on May 6, 2009 and Holden John Dorough born on February 16, 2013. Howie is known to take his family with him, while going on tours, as he feels that a best way to learn many things.
  33.  Howie Dorough Net Worth: $45 Million

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