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Haunted Ranch


Skinwalker Ranch: Is It Really a Home to Paranormal Activities and UFO Sightings?

The Skinwalker Ranch is believed to be haunted, but to UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, they believe it is something more than that.

Pig with Human Face


WATCH: Mutant Pig With Strange Human Face Goes Viral

Another mutant pig is born in Venezuela and unlike pig-animal hybrid, this one has a mix of a human feature.

Mutant Pig


Believe It or Not! Mutant Piglet is Born With Elephant-Like Trunk in China

If you think Dumbo is weird enough to have big ears for a small elephant, check out this piglet in China who is born hairless with an elephant-like trunk.

Toothed Stone


11 Strange and Weird Things People Find, Does the Internet Knows What These Are?

There are things that you might or might not see everyday that is new to your eyes. Here are compilations of the weirdest and strangest things that people have encountered in their whole life.

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