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Gigantic Dragonfly Discovered Struggling Between Life and Death

A lady in Atlanta, Georgia came across a giant dragonfly that seemed to be hanging on to life.



Man Claims His Soul Separated From His Body In Near Death Experience

There is still no valid proof that the afterlife exists. However, that does not stop people from claiming they have seen a potential afterlife in their near-to-death experience.

Bermuda Triangle


Secrets of The Bermuda Triangle Unfold

While many theories claim on why mysterious incidents happen in the Devil's Triangle, here Is a more concrete claim made by Richard Winer.

UFO Sighting


UFO Sighting: New UFO Map Discovered

A new UFO map was discovered and it is believed to hold all the UFO hotspots in the UK.

Dead Fish in Mexico


Dead Fishes Washed Up On Deserted Beah In Mexico

Residents in Mexico are stunned when they saw thousands of dead fishes washed up in a deserted beach.

Black Death


The Black Death Was So Severe It Spreads One Mile Per Day

Only history remains witness on how deadly the Black Plague was.

Pope Francis


LOOK: Pope Francis Strangely Vanishes Into Thin Air

Pope Francis was rumored to have "vanished into thin air" in one of his balcony speeches in the Vatican City.

Glowing Beach


Glowing Dolphins Spotted in California Beach

A group of glowing dolphins was recorded on video by residents on a boat. Read on about what caused their glow underwater.

Swarm of Locusts


Millions of Locusts Seen Flying in Africa's Sky

A plague of locusts is happening in a town in Africa and everyone is suffering.

Blue Cloud


Odd Blue Cloud Formation Spotted in Texas Skies

A strange blue cloud covered the Texas sky before it started a tornado storm.



Strange Mutant Cow Discovered With Two Heads and Spine, One Pelvis

A calf was born in a farm in South Dakota and it is said to have two heads, two spines, but one pelvis.

Welsh Coast


Mysterious Six Ships Show Up On Welsh Coast

The mystery of six large ships that are seen in a Welsh Coast still remains a mystery to the people nearby it. Read on below to know what was the purpose of the ships and where they are headed to.

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